what you won’t do for love lyrics


“What You Won’t Do for Love” is a song by Bobby Caldwell and was released in 1977. The lyrics are about the love that one has to give up in order to maintain their world, but it’s not clear what Caldwell means when he says “you can live without her.” In this blog post, we will explore what you won’t do for love lyrics!

The song was released in 1977 and the lyrics are about giving up your love to maintain the world around you. The meaning of “you can live without her” is not clear – it could mean that one has given up their worldly possessions because they don’t want them but still have a relationship with someone else or it could be taken literally where Caldwell means that people can survive on their own without being loved by anyone at all. As always, interpretations are subject to personal opinion. So what are some things that I wouldn’t do for love? Well firstly, there’s no way I would lie to my girlfriend just so she’ll like me again. I also won’t sleep with her just so she’ll like me, and we both know that’s what all you men do don’t ya?

I would never let my girlfriend move in with me before marriage because living together can make a relationship weaker over time rather than stronger. And lastly, if someone is abusive to their partner in any way shape or form then they need to see the light as soon as possible – love doesn’t mean anything when it’s hurtful! So for those of you who are unhappy or unfulfilled and think “what have I got to lose?” The answer is nothing at all except your sanity which may be worth more than love anyway…

I won’t let you sleep on the couch in my new house, I would never let myself get too close to someone who’s not what they seem and if anyone ever tells me that love is blind then I’ll show them just how well I can see. If somebody hits you when your back is turned, tell ’em goodbye because all this time we’ve been wasting could have been making some memories…

What are two things people may find surprising about monogamy? That it doesn’t always work, or last for a long time; but everyone has different opinions on what constitutes a successful long-term monogamous relationship.

What is the difference between being polyamorous and having an open marriage? Polyamory involves loving more than one person, whereas in an open marriage both partners are free to date others outside of their union with no expectation that future commitments will be exclusive or shared.

Some argue that open marriages are a modern take on the traditional concept of marriage with an attempt to recapture what many see as its lost power. Others view it as selfish, immoral and sexually deviant because they believe that in order for sex to be meaningful there must be exclusivity between partners.

What would you tell someone who is considering opening their marriage? You should think about how monogamy has been working – have your needs been fulfilled within this system or not? If you’ve chosen monogamy but find yourself longing for variety outside of your relationship, then opening up might provide both parties with more fulfillment.


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