Tips on Making Gold in WoW Classic


Have you been looking for ways in which you can make WoW Classic gold in the popular MMORPG? Then you’re in luck. There are a few methods you can use to start racking up gold, just make sure you’re ready to pack your WoW Classic bags with a wealth of newly found or affordable items when you do make it rich. 


This is a viable method of making WoW Classic gold, though you will need to speculate to accumulate at first. You’re going to be losing money to start with after all, since the items that you are crafting at lower levels aren’t really worth much to anyone. That isn’t any reason to be discouraged, however, as once you start reaching those higher levels of crafting you will be able to make bank. This will be at a point where you can make potions, bags, shirts, and so on. 


You are going to spend a lot of the game picking up several different items. Gathering resources is a massively efficient way to make WoW Classic gold, since you can sell them over at the Auction House when you are ready. 

If you are at a higher level, then farming is a great technique too. This is sustainable if you’re repeatedly killing bosses or doing instance runs. If you have the patience to keep running dungeons over and over to get the drops you are looking for then this is certainly going to be profitable. You can also farm mobs in particular areas which can go a long way. Ultimately, how much you make simply depends on what you manage to find, so hopefully you can get lucky with the drops. 

Should you end up with an item that you feel is valuable but you’re not sure how much its worth, then there is a valuable tip to keep in mind. All you have to do is find an item that is similar, take a look at its value then alter your price as required. If you still have no idea what to price it as, then simply price it for the amount that you want it for and see what bids come in for it. This is effective over the weekend when more players are online, but be wary it can be costly putting items up for bidding. 

Flipping Items

This method involves buying items at a low price then selling them for higher prices. On the surface, it sounds like a simplistic way of going about making a profit. But it is going to take a keen eye in order for it to work efficiently. 

You will want to start by keeping an eye on trade chats and messages. Here you will find sellers that want rid of their stuff as quickly as they can, so you can use this to barter as low a price as you can. Once you have done so, you will then want to focus on the Auction House. Here we will be looking at how much the items are selling for, and what other players are willing to pay for them. After you have gathered an inkling of what they might be worth, you can then start putting your plan into action. The Auction House can be a particularly busy place on a weekend, so maybe consider heading over there during this time. 

More Tips

Crafting and farming are two very useful tips to consider. But there are plenty of others that can help you too. For example, swimming is effective since you can find chests at the bottom of lakes. There are also mineral nodes that you can find down there that wouldn’t show up until you venture underwater. 

Don’t spend too much time on your profession and class training either. This isn’t really very good use of your time in general. You should instead focus on what you are actually going to use, rather than wasting your WoW Classic gold on training skills you aren’t bothered about. Speaking of gold, it is also vital that you save as much of it as you can. Before you buy items from the Auction House, consider whether you really need them or not. You could instead find these items from dungeons, quests, or even via upgrades. Dungeons are especially effective since a lot of the items you find will sell well when taken to vendors. 

These are all handy tips for you to take away with you to make WoW Classic gold. The currency does play a huge role in the game, so it’s worth your while to invest your time in making as much of it as possible. The key is knowing what areas to focus on, and which to avoid so that they don’t become too time-consuming. Having your ear to the ground on what’s going on at the Auction House will be a massive advantage for you, as you come to grips with the value of items and more. 

Have you tried any of these methods on Making Gold in WoW Classic? Let us know in the comments section below!


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