What Happened to Path of Exile Mobile


It’s been almost two years since Path of Exile mobile was first announced. Is there anything new to know about since that fateful day when Grinding Gear Games released the official trailer for it?

It’s no surprise that Path of Exile has become a relatively popular game over the years. There are only so few online ARPGs that manage to pull off the formula successively and thankfully, Path of Exile is a part of that list. With 2021 going underway, Grinding Gear Games has a lot of plans that they unveiled during these past couple of weeks. For one, they just recently announced the Ultimatum Trials which is the newest expansion for Path of Exile that revolves around the “risk versus reward” concept. They’ve also shared a couple of details about the much-awaited sequel, Path of Exile 2. The 20-minute gameplay trailer certainly helped them prove their point that things are going rather smoothly in terms of progress, but something is missing. Back in 2019, Grinding Gear Games announced the making of Path of Exile mobile, but whatever happened to it? It’s been two years, but no one has heard squat since the announcement. What are some of the things that players can expect with the mobile version besides the usual PoE Currency and PoE trade? Why hasn’t there been news about it for the past few years?

Path of Exile Mobile Will Be Free-To-Play

The good news is that players of the PC version of Path of Exile won’t have to worry about paying up for a more portable version of their favorite game. Path of Exile mobile will be completely free for everyone much like the console version. Granted this isn’t a surprise for long-time fans who since the ARPG is practically well-known to be one of the least exploitative F2P games that’s currently in the market. As such, players won’t have to worry about paying a premium just to farm PoE Currency or PoE trade with other players through their mobile phones. The only thing they have to worry about is the usual stuff that they can also buy from the PC and console version’s in-game store. These are, of course, cosmetic skins for weapons and gear as well as increased storage space. What’s more, Jonathan Rogers, the co-founder of Grinding Gear Games, has stated back then that Path of Exile mobile will be free for the pesky microtransactions that gamers usually see in online games. They will no longer have to worry about dealing with having to watch video ads, notifications that break the flow of the game, and the like. 

No Compromises

Perhaps the main hurdle that Grinding Gear Games will have to jump over is the fact that they’ll be making a mobile version of a large game. Path of Exile has had a lot of content that’s been released for it over the years. From the different game modes down to mapping, there’s a lot that they have to cover with absolutely zero compromises if they want the mobile port to be as accurate as possible to the PC version of Path of Exile. It’s no exaggeration to say that what they’re attempting to do is the near-impossible though. There’s got to be some sacrifices made either in the accuracy or feature department if GGG wants to be able to cram their game into a tiny screen. Based on the trailer that they’ve released back in 2019, so far, they’ve been able to get most of the major aspects of PoE down to a pat. Grinding Gear Games has also stated that they’ll be adding more features soon.

Keeping Busy with Path of Exile 2

The last update for Path of Exile mobile was during November 2019 and so far, there’s been no news whatsoever. What could have happened? It’s quite simple, really. The team that’s assigned to making Path of Exile mobile is busy with something else… like the sequel of Path of Exile, for example? It’s worth noting that the developers that are part of this project are also the same team as the ones that are working on the current PoE and Path of Exile 2 which is scheduled to release in 2022. Specifically, Path of Exile 2 is the biggest project so far since it completely changes how the game works and revamps an already complicated system that’s been polished and revised throughout the years.

Final Thoughts

There’s no definitive date as of yet on when Path of Exile mobile will release since Grinding Gear Games have been keeping themselves busy with Path of Exile 2 and the mess they’ve gotten themselves into during the recent release of the Ultimatum expansion. At the very least, the mobile version of PoE looks to be faithful to the original at its core. Players don’t have to worry about changing their ways on how to get PoE Currency or even Exalted Orbs and PoE trade just yet. What do you think about Path of Exile mobile? Are you excited about it or would you rather just stick to the console or PC versions? Let us know your perspective on this down below.


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