Where Are Hengst Filters Made, And Why Are They Good?

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Hengst Filters are a product of Hengst Automotive, based in Münster, Germany.  The company specializes in fluid management, filter systems for oil, air and fuel, and ventilation systems. It deals in a wide range of Air and Oil Filters, Engine Components, Filter Elements, Industrial Filters, and Blue engine care systems for engine optimization.

Hengst oil filters are structured, effective, heavy-duty, and aid in servicing vehicles. They are handy and convenient to use for filtering the oil circuits of toxic waste. They have a better output and lower scrape.  To garner the full capacity of modern combustion engines, they must be well lubricated. While servicing at Tooley Imports, several liters of oil is pumped at the edge of the engine. It helps to reduce the friction caused by rotating parts substantially. It also helps to circumvent the wear and tear of pistons, bearings, etc.  The result depends on the kind of oil used and is also dependent on the efficacy of the oil filter. 

The Oil Filters Manufactured By Hengst Provide A Lot Of Edge Over The Competitors By:

  • Maintaining optimal filtration
  • Achieve the maximum flow
  • Help to gain longevity
  • You can conveniently and precisely change the filters without any hassle
  • Replacement of the insert can be done in a few simple steps 
  • Produces very low quantity of waste 
  • Vehicle maintenance is reduced in a continual and viable way. 

Hengst has also developed a disposable plastic spin-on oil filter unit. It does not need to be changed even if you replace the filter. 

  • Oil Filters Have Always Been An Area Of Concern.

Oil filters have always been a problem area. There were many defects and breakdowns in the early vehicles due to the absence of oil filters. Earlier, most oil filters used paper pulp for manufacturing, so they were not long-lasting and had to be disposed of every 3,000 miles. Fuel filter systems aim to form a basic protective layer for engines in all vehicles. Hengst faces a lot of demand for its products due to the unique features like multi-stage systems comprising the main filter and a pre-filter designed for efficiency and consistency.

Compared to traditional oil filter designed systems, the Hengst fuel filters have remarkable higher performance outputs when it comes to particle filtration, differential pressure, water separation, and installation space.

  • Fruitful, Convenient, And Attractive

The Oil Filters from Hengst are known for their efficacy. They are specially made from a metal wire that avoids deterioration of the car parts and keeps checking all the impurities that flow through the engine. They are specifically designed to remove more impurities than any other filter. They also help to prevent the blocking of filtration holes. 


Thus Hengst is one of the most sought-after companies for your filter requirements. You can easily find them as per your needs on Tooley Imports. Just analyze what suits your vehicle the best and go for a thoughtful purchase.



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