What are the Rules and Regulations that need to follow to ตรวจหวย

Rules and Regulations

The lottery is a fun sport and a game of numbers played by several people all around the world including ตรวจหวย . It purely depends on luck and sometimes your intuition and skill as to guessing the numbers. Many people who won the lottery have become millionaires and established a stronghold in the field of the lottery. A lottery ticket might cost you a few bucks, but if you win you have a greater chance of getting more than what you paid for. A lottery is mostly famous in western countries and is consistently increasing and improving its roots throughout the world. 

It increases the revenue of the business that is conducting the lottery. This smart move has enticed and is targeted to influence the middle class and underdeveloped people to join and earn extra money. Another important criterion included in this is that half of the tickets won by the people can be charitable. The other half can be utilized for their own. Isn’t it interesting? Then grab and purchase your tickets and win exciting cash prizes to establish a strong foothold in the world of lotteries. 

There are some conditions and rules which must be followed by the ticket seller and the buyer to have a smooth workflow of event and transaction-related to the lottery. The government allows lottery as it is a good source of revenue for tax compliances and since a large number of the population takes participation hence it would be legal in some cases.

Rules and Regulations need to follow to ตรวจหวย 

There aren’t any rules and regulations about the Check Lottery that is conducted by the government of Thailand. It is very simple and easy to purchase and sell in the form of lotteries. Apart from the responsibility, it is fun to participate in an event so adventurous where no skill or resources are needed. Anyone and everyone can participate in the ตรวจหวย  to win exciting cash prizes and take home a huge monetary fund. Let’s look at the rules and regulations: 

  • The business that is interested to organize the Lottery should seek permission from the government lottery office. 
  • The lottery is issued every 1st and 16th of the month. 
  • A person who has won the lottery can claim up to two years of winning it. 
  • The government Lottery office issues and verifies the business which participates. 
  • The government has the right to cut off the prize amount if all the lottery tickets aren’t sold. 
  • Must pay the stamp fee, if the lottery is won by you. 

These are certain rules which should be kept in mind while buying a ticket and also if there are any mistakes made by the laws issued by the government, you can log on to their website to check the accurate amount of the prize money and also other queries related to the Check Lottery.

Details about the prize: 

There are almost many prizes which are given to the public when the ticket is bought. These prizes can be 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th. A single set of the lottery has about 14,618 prizes which constitute about 48,000,000 baht. Another important piece of information regarding the prizes is that for 1 ticket in the lottery set there are about 1 million copies of the same. Each of these individual copies is sold for a prize of about 80 baht. 

Details of the prizes are listed below as follows: 

  • 1st prize will have a cash prize of about 6,000,000 baht per individual prize. 
  • The last two numbers have the final winning of about 2,000 baht per prize
  • The last three digits have the final winning of about 3,000 baht per prize. 
  • The second prize will have a cash prize of around 2,000,000 baht per 5 individual prizes. 
  • The 3rd prize will have a cash prize of about 80,000 baht per 10 individual prizes. 
  • The 4th prize will have a cash prize of about 40,000 baht per 50 individual prizes. 

Apart from these cash prizes, there are 2 sets of each lottery ticket that are identical. You as an individual will have a chance to win double the prize money if you are lucky enough to get your hands on both the lottery tickets. The ตรวจหวย  ticket issued by the government Lottery office can be classified into two types that is a normal lottery and a charitable lottery. The government issues 100 tickets in which 01-50 pertains to the normal lottery ticket and the tickets from 51-100 are charitable which is it can be used as a charity. All the lottery tickets have a six-digit number from 000000-999999. The lottery draw number comes from any of the combinations from the above six-digit number. Every single ticket has two identical numbers that are every ticket has a replica ticket, that has the same number code. That is the reason everyone has double the chance of winning each lottery. 


  • How many people can participate in the lottery? A limited number of tickets will be available to purchase from the business that is organizing the lottery. You have to be quick to purchase and sell the ticket. If you wait around, then you will lose your chance to buy the tickets. So hurry up! 
  • How the businesses participate in the lottery? 

Every business has to go through a set of regulatory services laid by the government of Thailand to qualify as a contender to organize the lottery. The government verifies if the business is fit to sell the tickets and to improve the revenue and expenses of the government and the business itself. 

  • How long you have to wait to claim the lottery? 

You have to claim your lottery prize from the day you win till 2 years. You can claim it immediately if you want. The stamp fee should be paid to claim the lottery. 

Hence, all these information will help you in winning the lottery. However, you must keep in mind that patience is the key when it comes to lottery.


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