Poolside Fire Pit to Make Your Family Pool Time Special


Fire & water combination outdoors creates a dramatic aura that sets the right mood for family time. Fire pits are an excellent idea to add warmth to your poolside ambiance. Besides setting the perfect decor, it renders a romantic feel to spend a lovely evening with your lady love.

 The firepits are available in various shapes and designs, therefore homeowners can pick the right one that seamlessly blends with the curb appeal of their house. 

Read on to know more about fire pits:

Which is the Best Outer Material for a Firepit?

 Whether you opt for a sleek slate or rugged stone, the construction material is the most elemental feature that must not be overlooked. 

You should match your fire pit with the outside aesthetics of your house. Alternately, you can choose between stone or brick according to your pool’s overall look; blending two landscape features with a seamless flow. 

Your fire pit must enhance the look and feel of your backyard, rather than pop-out as an intrusion. Select your fire pit carefully, so that it integrates with your backyard landscape. 

Which is the Best Construction Option? 

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There are two construction approaches, one is minimalist, and the other is imposing. Firepits are available in different shapes & sizes. Your design choice mainly depends upon the size of your backyard and desired look of your outside space. Do you wish for an imposing stone structure or a minimalist fire pit feature that seamlessly blends with your landscape feature?  

A large fire pit is built of stone and gives vertical elevation to your landscape. It acts as a natural gathering place for you and your friends to roast marshmallows or hot dogs. 

On the flip side, if you’ve limited space, then opt for a minimalist design, concrete or slate fire pit. The modern fire pits also float in the pool, an amalgam of water and fire in one elegant feature. 

If you want to enjoy the stunning views of the firepit while swimming in the pool, you can also consider a solar pool. It keeps the pool water warm throughout the year, it works on the principle of trapping the sun’s energy rays and transferring them to the pool.  Do not forget to install a solar pool cover  that has bubble traps to capture the sun’s heat. 

 Types Of Fuel & Their Advantages 

Another crucial decision associated with a fire pit is what it will burn, is wood, propane, or natural gas.

 Why Choose Wood?

Similarly, nothing can’t match the aura and nostalgia of a crackling wood fire. You can customize the scent of wood-burning, by selecting different kinds of wood.

Why Choose Propane? 

Propane is a clean fuel, therefore, offers clean burn. So, if you are an environmentally responsible individual, then propane is an excellent choice. It provides the convenience of use, as you don’t need to chop wood to set up the fire. The propane tanks are portable.

Why Choose Natural Gas?

Natural gas is another environmentally friendly fuel. It increases the ease of use; light up and then enjoy the warmth of the fire. 

However, natural gas requires you to perform some tasks upfront, such as setting up gas line installation and safety features. It pays off, as natural gas is way cheaper than propane. 

 Final Piece of Advice: Install a Pool Enclosure to Ensure Privacy 

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So, you have constructed the firepit, and now you need some privacy. A pool enclosure provides complete privacy; no one from outside can see when you have a great time around the pool. 

It also offers you protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun. It keeps your pool water safe from all kinds of insects, right from mosquitoes, bees to wasps. 












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