How to Build a Successful Sales Team in 2021


The success of your sales team directly reflects on your companies growth.

Growing a sales team is a fundamental problem for every business out there.

As a sales manager, it is your topmost priority to build a sales team that brings value to your organization.

Building a successful sales team means churning out resources to your team that help in their overall growth.

Sales teams are like football teams they need motivation, vision & goals to cater to these they need proper training and mentorship.

If you want to grow a revenue engine that will fuel immense growth follow below-mentioned steps for building a sales team.

Train and coach new and existing sales team members

Consistent coaching nourishes sales representatives to become successful in their sales careers.

  1. Provide necessary resources & tools for training like CRM, Conversational Intelligence tools, sales navigation tools.

2. Teach with the use of the right words during a conversation with customers based on what worked and whatnot.

3.Decision making based on data and analyzing it through analytical tools.

Track sales reps performance

Most Important during the work from the home process is to track their performance and conversation to identify Sales call mistakes and to give feedback. 

Segregation of workflow should be pre-decided to run the sales process smoothly without confusion.

You cannot ignore data each and every decision you make should be data-driven to build a successful sales team.

What was the average conversion rate this week?

What is the average call duration with prospects?

How much time is spent on closing a deal?

How much time spent on handling objections?

Hire the right talent for your sales team

Teams are nothing but a bunch of people who are working together to achieve a common goal and when you hire a person he/she should have interest and enthusiasm towards the sales to become successful and can learn and implement all the necessary skills that you teach.

Not necessarily degree but talent.

Not necessary to know everything but knowledge is at least a thing.

Communication is something non-negotiable.

Author Bio –

Sandeep Bhat works as a Digital Marketer at Salesken – The #1 Conversational Intelligence for sales, his expertise lies in SEO and Content Marketing to drive organic leads to the business


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