9 Things to Remember When Building an Android App

Android App

Android apps have advanced significantly over the years and now account for a sizable percentage of the software industry.  That is how android app development begins. Everybody is launching an app nowadays, but only a select handful succeed in standing out and generating revenue.

Many applications, despite their enormous potential, fail to take off simply because they fail to follow fundamental mobile app guidelines. The majority of newcomers as well as some seasoned software developers require good tips on how to proceed and what not to do while developing an app.

Console for Android Developers

The very first step in developing an application is to configure and install the SDK. There are several android developer environments from which to pick. Nowadays, consumers choose to utilize the Android studio due to its incredible ease of use and mastery.

Appropriate knowledge of Android development and programming languages

Developing an Android application involves familiarity with two critical languages, Android and Java. You still can create Java code and if you’re not a programmer and construct applications utilizing Hybrid apps even if you are not a programmer. 

You can design Android applications using JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. If you lack technical expertise, you may subcontract the whole app creation process to a reputable app development firm and employ android application developers.

Leverage appropriate resources

For both newcomers and professionals, libraries are an integral element of the development of an application. There are several third-party libraries that you may include into your app’s code base, since duplicating the same source code is not recommended. 

To prevent this error, every devoted Android application developer incorporates libraries that boost functionality and incorporate cutting-edge technology into their applications. Each library serves a unique function, and you should exercise caution when selecting one. 

If you’re contracting android application development, choose a business with committed and seasoned app developers to construct your app.

Concise and well-organized application code

Each app developer has his or her own own approach to developing applications via the usage of code, CSS, and HTML. Additionally, they design apps using a variety of methodologies and methods. 

As a result, it might be challenging to comprehend the code produced by another person if you need to maintain the program, correct a defect, or just wish to develop it. As a result, while developing your app, you must conform to Android’s coding standards and restrictions.

Aesthetically pleasing Application Icon Design

Developing great applications necessitates creating amazing designs. Typically, a user will form an opinion about the performance of your app during the first couple of interactions. Thus, if you have not given much consideration to the aesthetics of your software, it will be a flop. 

To start making your app more visually attractive, utilize solid and clean icons that correspond to your style and identity. Additionally, the graphics or color combinations you use should be carefully considered, since they will make all the difference.

Designing an App’s User Interface for Accessibility 

Your application will be useless if it lacks user-friendly navigation. It must contain the appropriate links and menus with beautiful iconography strategically placed across your apps to allow users to move through them. 

There are several instances of apps that failed to take off owing to unstructured and disorganized navigation. 

Utilize easily accessible communities for assistance

The best feature of Android application developers is their active, flourishing, and regularly maintained ecosystem. They maintain websites and assist one another when confronted with a problem or issue. 

Due to the fact that Android is an open source framework, it makes it even simpler for developers to resolve a widespread or unique problem by publishing it online or going through freely accessible documentation created by hundreds of expert android developers.

Utilization of Android Application Development Tools

There are several free and premium utilities available, including Eclipse, Genymotion, Fluid UI, and App icon. 

Then there are testing and debugging tools, such as Uberstarter, Debug Bridge, and Logcat, that assist you resolve possible faults and issues in your app. 

Additionally, you should maintain a reference page for your app and do beta testing before submitting it to Google Play for global distribution.

Submission to Google Play

Publishing and distributing your software on Google Play is the most critical task an android app developer can do. Select the day and time, the app category, and the quality grading for your app. 

Additionally, you’ll need to establish your app’s country-wide marketing, as well as its total size and cost. These qualities will impact your application on Google Play.


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