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I want to take a moment to wish you a happy and healthy birthday.

We’ll kick off a little celebration of all things PC. The reboot of, our PC enthusiast’s website, will be coming soon. It’s been a while since was shut down, so it’s going to be a big year for the site.’s official title is “The PC Forums.” We do most of the general discussion here on our website as well. If you’ve not been here since 2009 when it was a different website, you probably need to take a look. You can still access this site, however, and you may even see a little of what we do here on was our home for our PC site, our PC enthusiast site. We started this for the same reason, but it was a better place to build up a community and have a place to discuss PC. Before we even had a community, we had a whole set of forums here. But today, we are bringing back the forum-style conversations that have existed on the forums since last week, with the exception of the one discussion thread we have for consoles.

We have a lot of forums there, but that’s why we are on is our main home for PC enthusiast forums. is our PC enthusiast site. This is why we have a Facebook page for PC enthusiast forums. We are going to use this page to help you get a better idea of what PC enthusiast is.

We are going to do a few other things as well. We are going to be discussing a lot of things as well, like the state of consoles. When we first started the forum, we were very worried about how much of an impact the console wars were going to have on PC. We would talk about that a lot. But after a while the console wars have slowed down and we are realizing that the console wars are coming to an end.

We’ll be discussing the possibility of a new console. We’re going to talk about that a lot. There are a few ways to try to make the console look better. We will be talking about the fact that you can put your computers in a console, and that’s really cool. But we’ll be discussing the fact that we have a dedicated console available for everybody to use. We will be discussing the fact that you can use the consoles to make games that are fun to play online.

One of the first things we will be talking about is the fact that your console will still look the same as before. In fact, the graphics are going to be a little less vibrant. But the difference in color, and the differences in character models. Now this will not get us any more excited, but you won’t notice the less vibrant effect because our engine has already done all of the work, so it will still look exactly the same.

In the new trailer, the game has a lot of new content and a lot of new locations, and this trailer contains a number of new locations. You can see that the new locations are almost completely the same as the previous trailer, which is true for all the more recent trailers. If you want to get to the new locations, there is a small number of new locations in the game, and they are very much like the existing locations that we found in the trailer.


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