3 Valuable Tips to Enhance Your Dropbox Experience on Mac

Dropbox Experience on Mac

Dropbox is one of the most valuable and easy-to-use cloud storage. It’s a folder on your Mac that syncs all the data you store and uploads it to the cloud. Many tech experts even believe that before dropbox, sharing and syncing files was complex and confusing. 

So, if you are looking for ways to enhance your productivity with dropbox’s assistance and optimize your efforts, here you’ll find some top suggestions. Read on and find the solutions for your storage problems on Mac. 

Let’s get you started:

1.Turn on Selective Space to Save Local Disk Space

If you need some extra space on your device, enable Dropbox’s Selective Sync. Through this feature, you’ll be saving only the essential files on your computer. 

To enable this feature go to your Dropbox preferences, click on the account tab, and select the Change Settings. Here, you can choose the files and folders you need to put in sync with Dropbox.  

This feature is most helpful if you want to keep a safe backup of your photo, videos, and other large media files. After turning this feature on, all your files will automatically get uploaded to Dropbox. And from there you can access them anywhere and anytime you want. 

2. Request File Access Via Dropbox

 It allows you to access files shared by your friends or colleagues and have them automatically show up on your computer’s Dropbox folder. 

However, using this feature can sometimes create duplicate files on your cloud storage space. As a result, you run out of storage space because you save different versions of the same file. To avoid making this mistake, keep your Dropbox clean and organized. Consequently, you get the benefit of storing your more important files rather than wasting the storage space with unimportant clutter. 

This feature allows you to enhance your productivity and keeps your friends and colleagues nearby. 

3. Remotely Secure Your Data on a Lost Device

In the event of an unfortunate event, your device was lost or stolen. Dropbox can help you secure or delete your files. However, it is almost impossible for anyone to access the files you have saved on this cloud storage since it provides users with a feature of security PIN that keeps their data safe.  

But, in case you’ve forgotten to log out just before your device goes missing, there is another option to wipe down the files in dropbox remotely. All you need to do is to access your Dropbox from a different device (you can even use your smartphone to do it). Once you write down your credentials on the login page, you get access to your files. 

Now, you can choose to delete those files, or you can also make a new dropbox account. It will allow you to transfer your files from the old version to the new one. Also, if you are still anxious about internet hackers, adding two-factor authentication will relieve you from this worry. It might not help you get your device back but will secure all your personal and professional data saved in cloud storage. 

To Sum it Up

The use of Dropbox has made life easier for many people. However, there are still many ways you can enhance your working experience with it. The features mentioned above offers you the most valuable insights to improve your experience with Dropbox. 



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