unitygfxdeviceworker (26): exc_resource resource_type_memoy (limit=1400 mb, unused=0x0)


This question is about image-processing resource types.

These are the types of stuff that resource types in the Unity framework use to do work in a scene. The limit and unused fields are so that they don’t get used too much.

The limit field is the maximum amount of memory that you can have in memory in a scene. It is usually set by the framework (for example, it is set to 1024 in the case of the UIGraphicsGetImage() function) and it is there to make sure that you can’t have a scene with lots of memory at one time. This is especially important when you’re working with 3D objects in a scene because the Unity framework does not have memory caching.

This is a really important field because it determines how much memory you have in memory. So if you have a big object in your scene and you dont have enough memory to hold it, you will crash. This is due to memory fragmentation. The garbage collector will not be able to free all the memory, so you will run out of memory if you dont have enough memory to hold the memory.

This is a really good point because it also means that you need to have enough memory to hold all the objects you make. So for example, if you make a big room that holds lots of 2D objects, you will run out of memory if you dont have enough memory to hold the room. Unity does not give you memory caches just for you to use them for this purpose.

A friend of mine used to be a Unity programmer, so he was given a small project to make a simple game for his friends. I figured we should be able to use this small project and use Unity for the game, so it was nice to have a friend of mine do this. However, he still uses Unity.


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