Different Types Of Nose Jewellery For An Elegant Look


Nose pins and rings are a part of Indian tradition, and there are a lot of jewellery options for nose pierces. In recent days women and girls have started wearing nose jewellery as a style statement with different patterns and kinds. It improves the beauty of the face and deepens the attitude of the wearer. The nose piercings are matched with the attires and the metals with which they are made. And in general, an individual with a thin and sharp nose looks better with nose pins and rings. The nose piercings also create an illusion as though the nose is narrower.

Kinds Of Nose Jewellery

Different types of beautiful nose pin designs mesmerize everyone with their charm. They are:

  • Stud

A simple nose stud reflects the feminine quality in a person and is the first in the styles of nose jewellery. Though there are various other options here, this is the perfect option for everyone at a very affordable rate when it is made of expensive metals like gold, platinum and diamond. Floral designs are the most common design in a nose stud and create an attractive pattern for all occasions and ceremonies. 

  • Hoop

Hoops are the latest nose designs in gold that are easy to wear and super cool to look always. A small golden hoop is the most hassle-free option that creates a subtle and trendy look with western wear. But the large ones look bold and vibrant with studded stones on them. It seems more grandeur as an accessory and can be worn for weddings and bridal jewellery for outfits like Indo-western wear.

  • U Bent Nose Pin

A U bent nose pin is perfect for those who do not like rings or studs, and it is best for regular use. However, most people wear this for casual outfits. 

  • Bali

Bali can be of various sizes, from minor to extensive and maybe in simple gold or studded with precious stones. This looks perfect with all ethnic wear and accentuates the entire attire with a traditional touch. A Bali also comes with silver beads, and this makes it look westernized. 

  • Metal Nose Pins

This is a kind of accessory that comes in metal which is reasonably priced because of the material and looks chic at the same time.

  • Diamond Nose Stud

A diamond nose stud is always classy and goes well with any outfit, and is a symbol of status and luxury.

  • Funky Nose pins

Funky nose pins come in various patterns and are very fashionable. It is in vogue right now, and these do not come under the traditional jewellery category under any circumstance.

  • Bridal Nose Ring

A bridal nose ring is mandatory for most Indian weddings, and the rule for all brides is that it is significant in size always. And bigger the better for bridal jewellery, including nose rings too.

  • Fan Nose Rings

These nose rings are fan-shaped, and they look very ethnic as it is the perfect choice for all ceremonies. It is best for any traditional attire and makes a person look more sensuous and glamourous.

There are many reasons to wear nose pins, and one can check here for different patterns and types in them. However, the primary reason to wear them is that it makes a person look more beautiful, expresses the individual personality, indicates Indian culture and denotes commitments. 


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