c++ : first defined herec:\cygwin64\tmp\cceop5m0.o:event.cpp:(.bss+0x0): multiple definition of



I don’t know if this is a problem, but c++ compiler error when including a file from a different directory than the one in which it was compiled.

I believe it was a mistake in the code in c:\cygwin64\tmp\cceop5m0.o.

The original code was written in C. To get the compiler to recognize the new code, we have to give the compiler a different name.

C++ is a programming language that is an ancient and powerful descendant of C. It allows programmers to write code that is more powerful than the language itself, and can be used to craft highly sophisticated programs that are highly optimized for speed and efficiency. To this end, it is often seen as a “low-level” language. This is because it is similar to C in several ways, including the fact that it can be compiled to machine code.

We’re not sure exactly what is it that makes it so special, but the fact that it can be compiled from C, makes it very powerful. This is because, like C, it has a variable number of integer arguments, which makes it easier to create programs that use a variable amount of memory. It also has some interesting features such as exceptions, and exceptions are a useful feature in a programming language for allowing the programmer to catch certain problems for later recovery.

All of the other features in c++ are the same as in other languages. Some feature is an assignment operator, which means you can have a function that takes a pointer to a string and returns an object that will hold the value of its argument.


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