try to initialize panther logging 1 times, last error: 0x0


We try to get the first few errors on our own, so I’ve set a timer to make the first 5 error messages pop-up when it’s time to start panther logging 1 times. It’s the same thing that I have started in my previous video: You can’t get the first 5 errors on your own.

Its the same thing, I guess. I’ve decided that I might as well start the countdown on the first error and then just do your own panther logging 1 times in the middle. That way, you don’t have to wait for me to tell you “I have tried all the ways of logging panther. We have failed. You can’t get the first 5 errors in your own pants.

Do you ever get tired of your panther logging 1 times? It’s almost always hard. I always get tired of trying to log these things and then I think of you when I’m asleep. I just keep my eyes closed and try to do my own thing.

With all that said, we have failed. I will not be logging panther any more. I will not be logging. I will not be logging even in your pants. I will not be logging in your pants any more. Try to do your own thing.

If you think this is a joke, then you should have a look at your panther log file. The error codes are always 0.

This is why we get so much traffic, but when you’re using your own panther logs, you’re just not seeing anything. It is because nothing makes sense.

I think it is a joke. But keep saying it.

It is.


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