The 2021 Guide To Know What Exactly Is Trending In The Home Decor Industry!

Home Decor

Many industries were impacted during this Covid-19 Pandemic and the home decor industry is not left out. People were made to spend most of their time indoors and hence they decided to rearrange their furnishing and decorations according to the demands and requirements of their present lifestyle.

  • Comfort and traditional living in the 1st priority for the people:

The decorative structure pattern nowadays is taking a turn back to the 1990s. People are adding innovative ways to rethink and design their place to a comfortable living. For example, the formal, boring living room is redesigned to make it look more attractive, welcoming and make the space more functioning and useful.

  • Wall color tones:

A pale grey, cream pie beige wall tone is the most trending one and is predicted to fill most walls during 2021. People are inspired to paint on these shades due to the large disconnection of them to the outside world. If we turn the pages and look back to the Victorian era or the mid 20th century, we would find that people during those days painted their walls and homes with bold and concentrated color palettes.

  • Furniture Rent:

Renting furniture instead of buying them has taken up quite a quick pace in recent years. It is not only a cheap method but also customer-friendly. Rent is available all over the world and also in India. All the metropolitan cities offer the scope of furniture rent – furniture for rent in Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, and other major cities are right there for you. You can also get your bed on rent in Pune, mirror rent from Delhi, and many more!

  • Furniture of lighter woods:

People during 2021 are admiring light wooden stuff and furnishings ranging from Scandinavian wood to light oak. Medium and darker tones of wooden furniture are getting replaced fast; with light, bright color woods; and this change of taste is a result of people’s growing love and attraction towards extreme Spearman and simplicity. Even the lighter shades of wood make the room feel bigger. One may design the room in modern getup or may make it appear like a rural farmhouse but for all times lighter shades of woods are best.

  • Growing preference for Grand Millennial style:

According to this style, the modern styling of home décor is merged with the decoration of our ancestral homes. This is a growing fashion in 2021 and seems to be stronger than any time before. This trend is going viral among the Youngsters who love the old classical design forms and historic architectural patterns and mainly brown furnishing.

  • Preference for Natural decor over Artificial:

People nowadays choose natural-looking decor rather than overloading their homes with artificial ones. Decorations done with natural materials such as came, ceramic, plants, jute, leather, etc. gives a more earthy and lively look to the home. People are now interested in decorating their houses with environment-friendly and reusable natural things which do not cause pollution or are the reason behind deforestation. They prefer to invest in good quality products which are labeled sustainable by the manufacturers and the customers can preserve them for a long time.

 Bought a new home or rented one recently? Take these tips and impress your guests first-hand. You can thank us later!


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