Lignans for dogs – find out why lignans are the best way to treat Cushings in dogs

lignans for dogs

Cushing’s disease is a harmful illness in dogs that can lead to unwanted negative side effects that make your dog unhappy and unhealthy. Use an all-natural treatment method to ensure that your dog is cured without any potential long-lasting effects from harsh medications. 

Benefits of using lignans for dogs

Cushings is a common disease in your dogs that needs to be immediately treated and fixed so your dog can be happy and healthy. Cushings can affect your dog’s endocrine system, causing the pituitary gland to misfire, resulting in a lack of cortisol and miss control of various bodily functions that can lead to an unhealthy digestive system. Typically, you will find that cushings is either caused by adrenal tumors, pituitary tumors, or overuse of corticosteroids to treat other conditions. If you find that your dog is experiencing the symptoms of Cushing’s disease, you should use lignans to help treat your pup.

The common symptoms associated with Cushing’s disease in dogs include high blood pressure, increased thirst during the day, hair thinning, excessive urination, increased panting, tiredness, fatigue, weakening of the immune system, potbelly, and increased risk of getting diabetes. Although there are various types of Cushing’s treatments, lignans for dogs are one of the most effective ways to help remedy the symptoms and cure the root cause of the issue. 

In most cases, dogs that have Cushing’s disease have an adrenal or pituitary tumor. In this case, surgery is often recommended for humans – but not for dogs. This is because the surgery is invasive and can cause complications – instead, using lignans is an effective way to treat the harmful side effects of Cushing’s. 

But what are lignans and why should you try this instead of other medications? Lignans is a type of homeopathic and natural remedy that claims to be safer and better for a dog’s long-term health than other high potency medications. Many veterinarians will recommend using lignans instead of other harsh chemicals and drugs, like ketoconazole or lysodren.

Instead, lignans are an effective way to begin and continue medical treatment for long-term health. Dogs can take flaxseed lignans without worrying about any potential side effects that can occur if you give your dog other harsh drugs, like trilostane or lysodren. Furthermore, HMR lignans, which stands for hydroxymatairesinol lignans, is an effective treatment. 

The benefit of using lignans is the long-lasting biological effect that can cause any negative side effects from constant use. Lignans are safe and easy to digest, so you do not have to worry about overdosing on your dog or giving them the incorrect amount of the drug. Typically, owners should give dogs around 10-40 milligrams per day of lignans for small to large dogs, depending on the size and the weight of the dog. 


Unlike other harsh drugs and treatment methods that can have long-lasting negative side effects on your pup, using all-natural lignans is a beneficial way to treat cushing’s disease in dogs. Without any harmful side effects arising from overdosing from long-term use, his holistic and all-natural treatment method is a great way to treat the harmful side effects of cushing’s. Relieve your dog’s symptoms, such as nausea, increase heart rate, increase blood pressure, lethargy, and potbelly, by using this all-natural treatment method.


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