I’ve received several emails from readers asking me how to get your photos on our site. Here is one example, and if you would like more please email us at info@okc.

We’ve made a few changes to how we get photos on our site. We have recently changed how we handle pictures uploaded by users. We no longer use the old photo.php. This is because we are now using the new image.php which does a better quality upload, and in fact, we allow users to upload their own photos.

The new image.php will now contain all the photos you have uploaded, but the image will be saved in the.gif format, which will not be used on your site. You can however add images to the.gif and.webp files, if you would like to. The.gif will be included in the.html file, and will also include a thumbnail of the image you uploaded, which will appear in your site.

As I said before, the images will be saved to your site, but the image will be in your site.

The.gif and.gif files are part of a new upload type which will soon be available in the new image.php. If you want to, you can now load the.gif or.gif files into the.php file, and the image will be added to your site as long as the.gif or.gif file is selected.

A good rule of thumb for image file sizes is 1 megapixel or one gigapixel. This is because 1 megapixel is equivalent to 1/100th the size of an image on your computer. For example, if you have a one gigapixel image, it will take up only 1/100th the size on your computer. This is a good rule of thumb because it means you don’t have to worry about any file sizes in excess of 1 megapixel.

If your website’s images are over 1 gigapixel, you have to remember to use “save for web” to save the file size for your end visitors. This is because websites have different file formats. Some are smaller than others, and if your site is using an image format that has a size greater than 1 gigapixel, then your end visitors may not be able to get the full image file size if they want to view your website.

When you find yourself visiting a site that’s using an image format that has a size greater than 1 gigapixel, you can try to convert your images into this larger size before uploading them to your site. This is because the maximum file size for JPEG images is 1 megapixel, which is the same as the maximum image size for the file type GIF.


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