the thread 0x375c has exited with code 0 (0x0) visual studio


If you are using Visual Studio, you are most likely running into a serious problem with a Visual C++ compiler. The compiler uses a lot of memory.

If you’re using Visual Studio, do you have any problems with Visual C? It’s not even a DLL; it’s a Visual C compiler, and there’s no way to run it.

If you have Visual C you have a serious memory leak. The compiler is using all your memory and it is not being used.

Well, when you run into this problem it’s usually because you have something like a Visual C compiler installed but its not a part of the Visual Studio IDE, it is a Visual C compiler that is installed in the Visual C runtime. You have to run it using the Visual C runtime as well. I should note that this is a common problem that any C programmer will run into.

I hope you were able to solve the problem, because I had a similar problem. In order to prevent a memory leak from occurring I had to uninstall the Visual C runtime. In order to run my program in 64-bit applications I had to uninstall the 64-bit version of Visual C. It would have been a lot easier to do if Visual C was in the Windows SDK, but it is not.

This is a common problem that anyone using Visual C might run into. If you have Visual C installed, you should uninstall it and install it again. I wish there was a way to enable 64-bit on Visual C in the Windows SDK as well.

So you don’t get the warning, but you do get the “you are out of memory” error? In that case, you should uninstall Visual C and then reinstall it.

The code is in the file bin\Debug.dll, which is usually in the bin folder of a 32-bit application. If you see it, you probably have a 64-bit application running on your machine.


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