Find the best Florida real estate license course – make sure it has these characteristics!

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Are you interested in becoming a real estate agent in Florida? If so, then you need to take a Florida real estate license course – but how can you make sure you choose the right for your needs? You want to make sure that you choose a course that can work with your schedule, provide you with the necessary education so you can ace the exam, and is within your price range.

By doing some research ahead of time, you can ensure that you choose the best course that has essential characteristics to ensure you are ready to go when it comes to passing your final exam! Did you know that Florida residency is not required? Don’t worry if you do not have a property in Florida – you still take the Florida real estate license course! Let’s see a few characteristics that all courses must-have.

The must-have characteristics for your Florida real estate license course

There are typically four steps that you need to do and compete so you can obtain your Florida real estate license. By doing these steps in order, you can get comprehensive education that will make it easy for you to become a licensed realtor in no time!

Pass the pre-license course

When it comes to finding the best Florida real estate license course, you tend to make sure that it offers 63 hours of education. This type of education needs to be approved, meaning that it has to be verified through the agency and is through a state-approved certification. The pre-licensing course is valid for 2 years after you complete the course and usually costs around $167.


The next step of getting your Florida license is getting your fingerprints taken. This step requires every person who wants to become a real estate agent to go through a criminal background check to make sure nothing is on your permanent record.

Submit the application

The third step of getting your Florida real estate license is submitting your application. The prerequisites for this step are that you must be 18 years old, contain a social security number, and you have the equivalent of a high school diploma. 

Schedule the exam

The final step of getting your Florida real estate license is scheduling and passing the final exam! If you choose a reputable and well-reviewed Florida real estate license course, then you can rest assured you will be prepared and ready to take the final exam. Ensure you do enough studying ahead of time and you really take your time going through the 63-hour Florida real estate license course – this is the best study material that you can use for the state exam. This final exam will typically be done at your house or a verified test center. 


If you have always dreamed of becoming a real estate agent, now you finally can! All you have to do is make sure you choose a Florida real estate license course that has 63 hours of state-approved education and can be taught either online or in person. Once you take the course – and pass – you will have to go through a background check before you can take the final exam. 


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