Studying to get your nutrition certification? Here are 3 subjects that you must master!


If you are trying to get your nutrition certification so you can begin working with a licensed clinic, working at your local gym, or working at a nearby health clinic or center, then you need to study certain subjects so you can ensure you pass the test the first time around. Avoid studying the wrong subjects and instead focus on the most important parts of the nutrition certifications – this way, you can make the most out of your time and ensure you are not wasting any of your energy and resources on another subject mattress! 

When it comes to nutrition, many basic aspects must be covered as you can comprehensively understand the subject. In nutrition, you need to know the parts of food that are most important, how much food you consume, the process of food within the body, and how to fuel yourself properly as an athlete by using proper nutrition. Let’s see the three main subjects you must know when it comes to nutrition and how you can use this to your advantage while studying for the big test!

3 subjects to master when it comes to your nutrition certification

There are typically three subjects you must know inside and out when it comes to earning your nutrition certification from the American Sports & Fitness Association. Let’s see the most important topics and why you need to spend the majority of your time studying these aspects of the test.


One of the most important aspects of nutrition certification is knowing the difference between macronutrients and micronutrients. Macronutrients include what we think of when we analyze our food – including proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Typically, humans try to plan their diets and their food intake around macronutrients – humans need a balanced diet of these macronutrients and micronutrients to fuel themselves and survive. 

Customizing diets for people

Another aspect of nutrition certification that you need to know to succeed at your job is customizing the best diet for various people. You will find some clients who are sedentary in their lifestyle and have trouble getting in daily exercise – in this case, they may need less caloric intake than intense athletes. Being able to customize diet and nutrition plans for people in various situations – whether it be health-related reasons, age, and activity level – means that you can succeed at your job.

Food as an energy source

The last topic you should master before taking your nutrition certification is figuring out what foods give you the most energy and why. By understanding what foods interact in our body and what nutrients can help us with fuel, we can then write nutrition plans for active clients. If you prescribe someone a diet that is unbalanced when it comes to nutrients, they will have no energy and they will be unhappy. Being able to figure out the right balance of nutrients to prescribe clients is key to getting your nutrition certification.


If you are trying to study for your nutrition certification, make sure you master these three topics. Understand macronutrients, customizing diets for specific clients, and using food as energy sources. 


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