build/default/production/tft_font.o:(.rodata+0x0): multiple definition of `font’


Build / default / production / tft_font.o:(.

Builds and default production tft_fonts are the only two font files in the build directory. Other tft_fonts were not built, and are in the production directory. You probably should not have multiple versions of the same tft_font used in the same folder.

That’s why we put the tft_font.o into the build directory. It’s not optional, but it means that if you have multiple versions of the same tft_font, you have to use the same file multiple times.

I am not an expert on fonts, but if you are using the default build directory where tft_font.o is, you should only have one version of tft_font.

The tft_font.o file was designed to be used in the default build directory, so it is not possible to change it to something else (you can only use the default build directory).

tft_font.o only specifies a font file. It is not necessary to use the default tft_font.

the same thing is happening with the default-production directory, where tft_font.o is. The default-production directory contains a single tft_font.o file. This file is not used anywhere else.

Oh, and build/default/production/tft_font.o is not a directory. There is no tft_font.o in build/default/production/tft_font.

Builddefaultproductiontft_font.o: It does not exist.

There’s a chance that your build directory or build directory’s tft_font.o file is missing.


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