kmemleak “uncorrectable error” mtd->read(0x100 bytes from 0x0) returned ecc error


The mtd->read() function returned an error code of 0x400.

The mtd-gtread function returned an error code of 0x400.

kmemleak is apparently a new function in Mac OS X that allows you to read a file and return the data, and then the function will check to see if it succeeded at it’s stated purpose. But just like any other function, kmemleak has some limitations. For instance, if you have a file that is bigger than the mtd-gtread() function, kmemleak will crash and burn.

A few years ago I saw an article in the Los Angeles Times that says that if you have a file that is larger than mtd-gtread, you can read it back to see if the file is bigger than mtd-gtread. That would be a very good idea. It also has a very complicated problem.

kmemleak is not just some function that you can call. It’s also a function that was designed to be very efficient at reading files.

KMEMLEAK is a part of k3b. It is a file-system driver for mkisofs. When you call kmemleak, you don’t actually call kmemleak. You call k3b.k3b(…). k3b is the library function that you use to actually read the file. k3b is built into the mtd subsystem and is really only used by kmemleak.

Because the error is uncorrectable (according to the documentation in mtd.h), it’s most likely that the error was caused by an uncorrectable bit being flipped. This is a known bug that was fixed in the 2.x branch of k3b. So while it is possible that someone could have flipped this bit accidentally, it is unlikely to be the case.

It’s possible that your kernel module is causing it to crash. This is a known bug. If you’re not using mtd.h, then you’re probably not using k3b. So it’s not a good idea to do anything with it, if it’s a known bug.

mtd.h has been updated to fix this bug, so if youre using k3b, you can try that now.

I have been using kmemleak for a long time now and I have never had an error like this. Also, the error is not even caused by a kernel module.


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