visual studio exits during compile with code 0x0


I’m not a fan of using visual studio for compilation. It’s easier to get lost in the programming and forget the rest of the world.

I have to admit that using visual studio for compilation is not my favorite. I was not planning on using it, and I’m very sad to say I didn’t even try. I’m sure it is a good thing that Visual Studio now supports C++/CLI.

Code 0x0 is not a compiler warning. It is a linker error. This means that Visual Studio can’t find a needed library.

Sometimes you can find a problem with the build system and have to manually delete some files to fix it. Code 0x0 happens when you have some files that Visual Studio cant find, and you have to delete everything you can find that is related to them.

It’s not often that a bunch of code will be the problem, but in this case it was. I had a very simple piece of code that needed to be linked into the project. I changed a few files and when I tried to build the project, it failed because the compiler couldn’t locate the linker file. So I deleted everything related to the code as well as all the files that had the code in them.

The fix is simple, just delete the relevant files. And then you can rebuild the project. I have no idea how the compiler can be unable to find the linker file, but hey, it sounds like an easy fix.

The linker file in your project does not need to be in the project. The code in them are just a dependency, so you could delete them and you’ll still be able to build the project. However, if you are trying to link into a project, it might be a bad idea to delete the linker file. It can still be a problem if you are trying to update the project.

So, if you are linking from a project, you have to remember to delete the linker file. Otherwise the compiler can’t find the linker. (You won’t be able to rebuild the project if the linker file is there, but the linker can still break the build.

Also, if I link into a project, in order to link into a project, I have to delete the linker file. That means the linker will not work, and the file must be deleted. If you delete the linker file, the linker wont work because the file wont exist.

You may be wondering how a compiler can find a linker when deleting the linker file and the linker is not in the linker file. It’s because the linker contains information about the linker file, including the file’s name. When deleting the linker, the linker does not exist so the linker can’t be found.


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