controller.c:(.text+0x0): multiple definition of `displaywelcome’




Controller.c is a code file that is used by some of our game files. In it, we’ve got some code that’s used to allow some of our game files to display their welcome screen in the background, and it was using these definitions that led to the multiple definition error. It’s a pretty common problem, and thankfully this issue has been fixed in the latest release.

When I first started working on this game, I needed to include a welcome screen that would show up in the background. I decided to just make a blank screen and use the default welcome screen in my game. When I tried to use the controller.c file to do this, I got a bunch of errors about the Controller being undefined, but after some digging I found that this was because the Controller was being defined twice.

This is one of those issues that is actually very easy to fix. Make sure you don’t use a controller that is named Controller.c or Controller.h. If you do, then it will crash your game because it will try to import the correct controller.c and controller.h file when it is found in the controller folder.

The controller.h file is the part of the Controller file that is used to define the controller functionality. If you are using a controller that has both the controller.c and controller.h files, then it will be undefined.

So if you are using an old controller from a device you dont have control over, then you will have to find a way to import the correct controller.c file and controller.h file, as well as the correct player.c and player.h. I’m not sure which device you have, but there is a tool called dinput that you can use to determine this information.

What is the most common way for an application to create a controller file? It’s also possible to create code that reads an existing controller file and reads the game’s code.

The name of the game is a little misleading. What I’m really talking about is a game where you have a controller that holds a single player. This controller is the same one that you have in your game. It’s the player that you want to play with. If you have more than one controller, a player with the same name will be assigned the same game name, rather than the one on which the controller is displayed. The controller is the player who holds the game.


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