Which is the best biography book to read?

biography book

The biography of great people always arouses the interest of others. They always have something to say to people. By publishing memoirs, they can bring up sensitive topics. Or show your will in the actions described by the biographer. After all, actions speak louder than words. Reading such literature, you understand – this is how history is made. And touching it, you feel your involvement. Plus, there’s always a lot to learn here. This is why stories of great people are so popular with readers. The closer to our days the hero of the next description, the more complete information is presented about him. This is the merit of modern technology.

Popular biographies of famous people

Memoirs of famous people are most often interested in active readers eager for new discoveries. Some are more suitable for real aesthetes, others – for individuals striving for success, and others – for connoisseurs of art. Such literature consists of the memoirs of the celebrities themselves or publications of the material collected about them – these are the works of professional biographers and journalists. Such reading broadens one’s horizons and gives knowledge. In the best works of the genre, the event outline is enriched with philosophical understanding and historical context. Typically, the heroes are bright, charismatic personalities who can inspire or share wisdom. They have outstanding talents, are able to express extraordinary ideas, make new discoveries, show strength and out-of-the-box thinking. The history of a famous person allows you to feel his strength, admire the swiftness of decision-making,

For people who are fond of success stories, business literature will also be of interest, serving as a guide to business life. Autobiography books of great businessmen are in great demand. Modern ladies, of course, will be interested in the biographies of great women, whom one wants to be like.

Read biographical books about the following individuals:

  • Alexander Dumas (father and son);
  • Friedrich Nietzsche;
  • Nikola Tesla;
  • Elon Musk;
  • David Lynch;
  • Michelle Obama;
  • Renoir;
  • Vincent Van Gogh.

Political and military memoirs

Men will most of all be interested in biographical literature containing information about participants in great battles – commanders of past times and military leaders. They contain the wisdom of those who have comprehended the art of war Memories of our contemporaries can be as valuable as the works that have come down to us from ancient times. Many people prefer to buy biography books of such people in order to perceive the principles set out in them and apply them in their own sphere – even if it is far from military or political. If we consider that politics is a systematized set of principles that help to make the right decisions, then it becomes clear – this is about each of us. And war is a continuation of politics.

Examples of such best selling biographies are the following works:

  • “Genghis Khan and the birth of the modern world.”
  • “Book of the Shan Region Ruler”.
  • “Churchill. Force. Influence. Will”.

Best biography books

Interested in the stories of rich people? Want to think like Elon Musk? Read the book “Frankly …” about the greatest visionary of our time and learn to be successful.

Love to dive into creative pursuit to find the best ideas? You should read David Lynch’s book Catching a Big Fish.

Strive to unravel all the secrets of the world? Find out how Nikola Tesla did it.


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