Top Classical Guitar Songs: Where to Find Them?     

While the guitar is one of the most popular string instruments you’ll ever find, classical guitar music is complex and intricate. Some geographical regions have unique guitars called to play classical music, and the build and style of the instrument are different from that of standard acoustic guitars and electric guitars. 

It takes training and education to play classical guitar. If you want to learn classical guitar, consider checking out top classical guitar songs first before you start learning. Spanish classical masterpieces are among the most popular choices for classical guitar music. These songs are not easy to master on the instrument, but you will be able to play along soon with enough training and practice.

Five Bagatelles – Walton

This masterpiece is essentially a warehouse of rhymes and music. Known for their unruly harmonies and unconventional notes, these pieces are way ahead of their time and complex. 

However, if you are looking for songs to learn, note that this piece is not beginner level. Walton wrote a variety of classic songs and notes. However, the Five Bagatelles is his most well-known work and his only work in solo guitar. 

Asturias – Albéniz

Austerias is a great classical music work by Spanish composer Isaac Albéniz. While the original version was created and played on the piano, it is also a popular classical guitar song. The song involves “hymn-like” harmonies, intricate note variations, and even features different styles. 

In fact, the song’s mid-section is the Malaguena style, and another piece features the flamenco style. Professional musicians assert that the piano’s wide range makes it a popular piano song choice and not a guitar song choice.

Guitar Longue

Guitar Longue is an excellent choice for people interested in classical guitar. The album lasts five whole hours and features pieces from various music styles like jazz and rock. 

The versatility and uniqueness of the album make it a popular choice for guitar lovers. This album also includes pieces that beginners can learn to play. The best part is, it has a song for practically any mood.

The Frog Galliard – Dowland

The Galliard is one of the top classical guitar songs. The piece follows a “trochaic” rhythm and is noted for its deep, stressed, and unstressed notes. 

The Gilliard is known for its “wild” animalistic tones. This is an exciting, lively piece and is an excellent choice if you are looking for something fresh and lively to lighten the mood.

Gran Vals by Francisco Terrega

This piece is an excellent choice for classical guitar musicians. This piece was written by the famous Spanish musician and is now even a popular Nokia caller tune. It is less complex than most other classical guitar pieces you may find. Even beginners can pick up on this piece with a bit of practice.

Beethoven Boss Guitar

Beethoven’s Fifth Bossa Nova is one of the most famous pieces among classical music lovers. This song is a must for any aspiring classical guitarist. However, it was initially made by the composer for piano scales.

Wrapping Up

Classical guitar songs are a great way to explore music from a new perspective. As a classical musician, you should be able to understand, interpret, and read the songs.

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