What to Expect When Dating Egyptian Women


Everyone has their sets of dating expectations. No two couples look for the same things, and every relationship plays out differently. If every love affair in the world is monotonous, it would frankly be a boring one.

And speaking of expectations, Egyptian women have their checklists too. Not every girl has Cleopatra-like standards, and that’s okay! The mysterious and hard-to-get types aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, and it takes a ton of persistence to pursue them. They must be pretty special people if you still want to win their hearts!

If you’re one of the men falling for an Egyptian woman, that’s great! But, how do you move past attraction and grow into something more? We’ll give you some hints by setting realistic expectations first. 

1. They’re more than just pretty looks

Egyptian women are some of the world’s most beautiful faces. However, their beauty goes beyond their good looks. Much like Cleopatra, they have a clever brain behind their alluring facade. They can hold and keep up with any conversation, regardless of whether they initiate one or not.

In an ideal world, people everywhere have equal and uninterrupted access to quality education. Unfortunately, Egypt has much work to do in that department. Egyptian women are well-aware of this and make the most of what they can to reach their potentials. So, the next time you see one, never forget that they’re more than meets the eye.

2. They play by the (gender) rules

As time goes, progress happens. It’s not unheard of for Egyptian women to take up careers in fields like journalism and medicine. 

But as much Egypt’s changed over the years, some traditions persist. Traditional gender roles remain integral in the fabric of Egyptian society. The man’s role is to provide for the family, while the woman handles the caretaking business. Regardless of his marital status, society expects men to help their parents and unmarried sisters out. If they don’t, they’re considered deadbeats. 

On the other hand, women in this part of the world shouldn’t talk too much. They expect their partners to treat them like queens, but not the kind you’d see in monarchies, of course.

3. They want you to put a ring on it

Beyonce may have a point: if you like it, you should put a ring on it! In all seriousness, Egyptian society is a big fan of marriage. Since most families treat their daughters like princesses to marry them off, don’t be too surprised if she wants you to take it to the altar. 

If you need some time, let her know so that you two will be on the same page. Marriage is a long commitment, and it can scare off even the most loyal partners in the universe! If she truly loves you, she’ll understand that tying the knot means that BOTH of you are ready for that specific stage in your relationship.

4. All eyes will be on you

Egyptian society is a fundamentally conservative one. Don’t be shocked to see watchful eyes observing you and your date when you’re out in public. Our suggestion: avoid the PDA (public displays of affection) at all costs! Trust us—the last thing you need is a public scolding.

The Egyptian dating scene is worth navigating, just as much as that of other countries. What are you waiting for? Go out there and meet your match!


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