the program ‘[16376] dtsdebughost.exe: dts’ has exited with code 0 (0x0).


This computer is running Windows 7 (SP1). The code ‘dts’ is used for Direct Test Drive. The code ‘dtsdebughost.exe’ is used for ‘dts’.

The program dtsdebughost.exe was compiled with DTS support enabled (a.k.a. Direct Test Drive) and can take advantage of that. DTS is a feature of the Windows 7 operating system that allows any process (e.g. the system itself, file, or command-line program) to run a test program to ensure that it has the necessary functionality.

DTS is used by the Windows 7 operating system to test the compatibility of the system with different versions of programs. The test program is run to ensure that the program is working correctly before you install it.

DTS support is enabled by default. For example, to run a test program it’s a little odd to enable DTS, but it does help if you run a test program from a text-based terminal.

The program itself, on its own, doesn’t have any significance. The dtsdebughost.exe: dts command is the Windows 7 command for the test program, for example, dtsdbg.exe, the test program itself.

But for whatever reasons, the program has the ability to crash a system when it is run for the first time. The program is named dts.exe, and you can run it from the command prompt by typing dts.exe. From there, if the program crashes before you can run it, you will have to fix the problem.

The program keeps changing its source code every time a new line is encountered.

That sounds like it could be a pain, but it’s not. If you run it from the command prompt, you will find that it can be run through the DOS command line interface, so you can type dtsdbg.exe or the like to try it out. But if you do not have the source code, there’s no problem.

I had a couple of questions regarding this development environment.

You do not have the command line interface, so you need to use what’s left of the toolbox. That’s how you do this. If you are using the tools that are available from Microsoft, then you need to do this from the command line. If you have the command line interface, and you don’t have it installed in your computer, then you also need to install it from the command line.


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