Has gaming overtaken music and movies as the most popular form of entertainment, especially for younger people?


Gaming seems to be in period of real growth currently and is no longer content to defer to big hitters in entertainment, such as music or movies. Video games alone made $180bn globally in 2020 – which was a revenue figure that eclipsed what movies and music made combined! When you also think of the buzz around new games like Cyberpunk 2077, the picture becomes even clearer.

Gaming has not just got video games to thank for its rise to the top. Online casino games are another niche which have pulled in a new audience and helped the sector to thrive. Playing roulette now, for example, is both fun and convenient due to iGaming sites. For more tips on how to play roulette and where to play it online, check out Roulette Games. This handy site has everything you need to start playing today and have the best time. 

All this combined has helped gaming to race past both music and movies as THE most popular form of entertainment, especially for younger people. But why is this? 

Young people connect with modern gaming 

While all ages game these days, it does seem that the younger generation are especially fond of it. This sees gaming beginning to emerge as a lynchpin of social scenes for people under 30 and play a key role in their daily lives. Rather than going out to a gig or cinema, young people now prefer to chat online as they play. 

You also have to factor in how cool gaming is now and what a hip image it has. This is naturally appealing for younger people, who are always looking for the most cutting-edge scenes to get involved with. Tech is central to playing games and technology is also something which most young people like to use. By providing the latest technology to game with and on, the industry not only appeals directly to the younger generation but also looks less old-fashioned than other forms of entertainment. 

Trouble in music and movies does not help 

With music pulling in just over £23bn in revenue globally in 2020 and movies making just $12bn worldwide over the same period, it is clear that gaming has surpassed both now. But why has this happened? 

Although you cannot put all the blame on the COVID-19 pandemic, it has played its part. For example, the impact of it saw music venues cancelling gigs. Movies had a similarly tough time, with new films being unable to shoot and cinemas closed at various points. Although ‘The Crow’ reboot and other rumoured new films may help, Hollywood is not in a great place right now.

Gaming was growing to be number 1 anyway 

Although the ongoing pandemic has made an impact on the world of entertainment, this is only part of why gaming has grown to be so huge – especially for young people. In truth, this sector was already outgrowing its rivals and expanding in a variety of ways to be top dog.


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