Botox and Dysport injection


Botox and Dysport are the most popular and well-known botulinum toxin preparations. How do they differ, which one is better and what to expect after the procedures? We answer in detail the main question of everyone who is going to tame facial expressions with the help of injections and wants to buy dysport online.

What’s the difference?

Both type A preparations, and there are no global differences between them. Botox is produced by the American company Allergan, and Dysport is produced by the French company Ipsen. There is a slight difference in the stabilizer of the base element, but this does not affect the effect and the patient’s understanding.

They are absolutely equal players in the market. Both drugs have been studied for a long time and are safe.

When does a beautician use botox and Dysport?

Both drugs are used for the forehead, eyebrows, eyebrow folds, eyelids, including corners of the mouth. In addition, the following are legally assigned to the Disport:

  • correction of wrinkles in the lower third of the face;
  • treatment of hyperhidrosis – increased sweating in the armpits, hands, palms, and feet.

The choice of the drug is usually for the cosmetologist. But some patients insist on a specific drug, explaining that they liked the effect and want to repeat it.

Is the choice related to age? Conditionally, a woman in 30 years will be offered Dysport, and after 50 – botox?

No, age has nothing to do with it. With botulinum therapy, the severity of facial expressions and muscle activity are extremely important. Based on the degree of this severity, the dose of any of the drugs is selected.

The effect of which drug will last longer?

It depends on the dose: the more it is, the longer the result will last, although this is fraught with complications. The effect also depends on the personal characteristics of a person’s metabolism – on how quickly his nerve endings are restored.

Which drug has fewer risks? And what are they?

The risks are always the same. Much depends on the doctor’s knowledge of anatomy and the peculiarities of working. For example, due to an overdose or incorrectly selected insertion points in the forehead area, the patient may experience muscle weakening. Consequences – drooping of the eyebrows, sagging of the upper eyelid, double vision.


Not so long ago, a nuance appeared in the instructions for Dysport: pregnancy and lactation were removed from the contraindications and they were allowed to prick in these conditions.

As for general contraindications, these are:

  1. chronic diseases in the acute stage;
  2. disorders of neuromuscular conduction;
  3. oncology.

 Is the doctor obliged to warn the patient that it is Botox / Dysport injections and explain the difference?

Of course. Before the procedure, we collect anamnesis, say what kind of manipulation we will do, sign an informed consent, and only then we carry out injections.


  • Elimination of mimic wrinkles

After the introduction of Dysport, reviews of which can be read on our website, the muscles gradually lose their usual activity and relax. This leads to the fact that wrinkles are smoothed, and the processes of restoration of collagen fibers begin to occur in the skin.

  •   Reducing sweating

When using the drug, there is a temporary interruption of the connection between the sweating gland and the nerve ending, the impulse provokes the activation of the sweat pancreases. As a result, sweat does not come out from the fact that you experienced nervous overexcitement or agitation.

  • Elimination of wings

Before you decide to buy fillers online, notice that with the help of Dysport, you can correct the oval of the face and tighten the flews, if they are at the initial stage. Due to the temporary stopping of muscle activity, the flies are tightened and the oval of the face becomes clearer.

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