Surprising facts about private jets

private jets

There are few personal transportation options that can compete with the convenience and luxury of a private jet. They dubbed these jets “flying hotels in the sky” due to their luxurious amenities and impeccable service. However, if you are not careful when booking your flight, a private jet may end up being much more expensive than you anticipate. Below are some surprising facts about private jets that will help you make an informed decision before booking your next one.

Private Jets could be Cheaper than First-Class

A study conducted by found that, private jets are frequently less expensive than first-class flights. In fact, according to the private jet charter cost estimator, the average private jet fare for a one-way flight from Van Nuys to Teterboro on a medium jet is around $28,261-$31,236. Significantly less than the average first-class ticket price of $7302.

PlaneStats compared average prices from large airports across America to smaller airports where a private jet could land to make this comparison more accurate. They discovered that booking a fly-by-night charter flight rather than a commercial airline in many cases saved people money.

American Citizens Owns almost Half of All the Private Jets in the World

A 2020 report revealed that American citizens owned nearly half of all private jets globally. According to a Wealth-X and UBS Global Billionaire Census study, approximately 5100 privately owned aircraft in America, with about 2900 of those belonging to individuals worth at least $30 million.

Furthermore, their net worth is expected to rise significantly in the coming years as new modes of luxury travel, such as fractional ownership, gain popularity.

Safety is Priority when Flying with Private Jets

When traveling, the last thing you want to worry about is your safety. While flying commercially is often safe, there are risks that you cannot avoid even with the most stringent precautions.

Commercial planes, for example, must fly at 23000 feet above sea level, a height that puts passengers at risk of decompression sickness or “the bends” during an emergency descent. On the other hand, private jets can choose flight altitudes based on their comfort level and fly as low as 0 feet without fear of decompression.

Corporate Jets Are Far Less Likely to Crash Than Owner-Operated Private Jets

According to an MIT study, corporate jets are far less likely to crash than owner-operated private jets. More specifically, they discovered that the number of fatal crashes per mile flown on a corporate jet was around 0.096, compared to an average of 0.588 for business aircraft under charter or rental arrangements.

These figures are low because corporate jets are frequently owned and operated by companies with large safety budgets. In addition, they have access to top flying engineers who can fix problems before they become a problem.

The Fastest Civilian Aircraft in the World is a Private Jet, the Cessna Citation X

The Cessna Citation X can reach up to 910 miles per hour. It travels nearly twice as fast as most commercial aircraft. This makes it ideal for trips that require you to travel from one side of the country to the other in record time. Although flying at 1044 miles per hour is not uncommon for smaller private jets, it is usually only during take-off or landing.

The Most Expensive Private Jet in the World is Worth a $500 Million

The most expensive private jet in the world is a Boeing 747-8 that once belonged to a Russian businessman. It was sold at an Air Force base auction for $368 million before they converted it into a luxury flying palace with the following fixtures:

  • Gold-plated fixtures.
  • Countertops.
  • Jacuzzi tubs.
  • And its missile defense system, among other extravagances.

Aircraft Charter has More Flexibility than Commercial Flights

Due to security constraints, public flights must adhere to their regular schedules regardless of outside weather conditions. This can present difficulties when traveling during the year when bad weather is expected.

If your flight is delayed due to bad weather at a commercial airport, it could be hours—or even days—before you board. You won’t have to worry about that when you book charter planes through a company like Magellan Jets! Because charter flights are adaptable, they will tailor your trip to your specific needs and requirements rather than the other way around.

Bottom Line

With all of these facts and secrets at your disposal, you should better understand the advantages private planes can bring to your business or personal trip. If you’ve wanted to book a private jet for months, don’t wait any longer.


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