The Best Smart Appliances for Your Kitchen


Everything from smartphones to smart cars have made our lives simpler and much more efficient.  So why not bring that same smart technology into your kitchen? By embracing features such as voice commands, Wi-Fi connectivity, and smartphone controls, kitchen appliances are changing the way we prepare our meals, store our food, and even clean our kitchen. They are also making quite a stir with homebuyers who enjoy their energy efficiency.  While these smart kitchen appliances may not make you a gourmet chef, they will make your time in the kitchen more efficient and more enjoyable.

Smart Oven and Stove Range

The combination of a smart oven stovetop range has many homeowners feeling more excited about crafting their next meal. Using a smart range allows you to change oven temperature settings from your smart device or using voice commands. You can preheat, adjust the cooking temperature, and even turn the oven off from anywhere. In addition, there are multiple types of heating and cooking technology such as infrared heating elements, convection, and removable heating elements that will make it easier to cook your food faster and more evenly. If you need some assistance while baking, you can connect your smart range to apps such as Yummly to receive recipe steps. Your smart range can also automatically preheat the oven to the recipe’s temperature setting, cook food for the proper amount of time, and turn itself off based on the recipe instructions. Essentially you just need to mix up the ingredients and the oven takes care of the rest.  

Smart stovetops are just as powerful as the ovens they cover and include multiple types of burners such as induction burners and multiple element burners. There are also specific burner settings such as power burners for boiling water and simmer burners for keeping food warm.    

Smart Refrigerator

Refrigerators continue to gain more and more smart technology. Early smart refrigerators featured brightness and temperature control and remote monitoring. Recent upgrades to smart refrigerators include the addition of a touchscreen option that allows you to order groceries, play music, or check your calendar. Additional, more high-end options include an InstaView door.  This allows you to view what is inside your refrigerator without opening the door. All of these smart technology features are coupled with energy-efficient technology so that your smart refrigerator can help you save on your electric bill. Smart refrigerators can connect with your smartphone or Google Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa if you prefer using voice commands.

Smart Dishwasher

You cooked the perfect meal and used a lot of pots, pans, and mixing bowls in the process. No need to worry. Your smart dishwasher can make dinner clean-up much easier as well as cost-effective with extra water and energy-saving features. The most beneficial part of a smart dishwasher is the additional sensors that detect the amount of food on dishes and the size of the dish load. These sensors allow the dishwasher to automatically adjust the water and energy used for each load. Smart dishwashers also have adjustable racks so that you can make room for larger items or fit in more dishes. These dishwashers connect to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and can be activated through your smartphone or voice commands.

Not only are smart kitchen appliances easy to use, but their energy efficiency also makes them very popular with homebuyers. Whether you want faster cooking times, more baking options, more efficient cleaning, or you just want to control your appliances while you are watching television, there are hundreds of smart technology appliances available for you to choose from. 


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