Forged in Fire Over the Last Few Seasons


Forged in Fire is a competition series involving the forging of swords, featuring four master bladesmiths and a host. The judges include knifemaker J. Neilson, hand-to-hand combat expert Doug Marcaida, and period weaponry authority David Baker. The winner receives $10,000 and bragging rights to the coveted title of “world’s Greatest Swordsmith.” For more information, visit

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The cast of Forged in Fire is fairly consistent over the last few seasons. The judges include J. Neilson, one of the 115 Mastersmiths of the American Bladesmith Society, Doug Marcaida, and David Baker, the world’s greatest swordsmith. However, there have been some absences: in Season 4 David Baker was replaced by Ben Abbott, and in Season 1 by Jason Knight. The History Channel has not yet announced the reason behind this change.

Unlike many reality competitions, Forged in Fire has consistently had the same judges. For the first two seasons, J. Neilson was the only judge to win. The other season, he was replaced by Doug Marcaida. Since season one, Ben Abbott has been the judge since then. He’s been a judge for seven seasons. The most recent season has seen Ben Abbott challenge multiple opponents. In the final episode of season nine, Ben Abbott improved his record to 9-0 and a record-tying 10th season.

Forged in Fire premiered in 2015 on the History Channel. It has since been a hit, with its talented smiths competing with different pieces of metalworking equipment. The competition has four rounds in which one is eliminated and two make it to the finale. The winning blade is then turned into a functional weapon. The winner of each episode receives a $10,000 prize. The History Channel has not announced the reason for the change.

Forged in Fire is a competition show on television. The show has a recurring judge lineup, with J. Neilson vs. Douglas Marcaida. The judges on Forged in Fire have largely remained consistent throughout the seven seasons. Forged in Flames has also had a rotating guest judge. The judges for season 9 of Forged in Fire have been relatively consistent. Some episodes have been released on YouTube, and viewers can watch them for free.

Forged in Fire has a consistent judge lineup. The judges for the show have been mostly consistent throughout the seven seasons. The show has a judge from the American Bladesmith Society, David Baker, and J. Neilson. All four judges have won one season. The season eight finale is scheduled for November 2020. Forged in Fire is a favorite on the History Channel. You can also watch the episode online if you don’t have cable TV.

The show has had a fairly consistent judge lineup. The judges are J. Neilson, who is one of the 115 Mastersmiths of the American Bladesmith Society. The two sergeants on the show are both world’s greatest swordsmiths. Those two are then competed against each other in the Champions Duel, in which the winners of Forged in Fire earn the right to be crowned “World’s Greatest Swordsmith.”

The first season of Forged in Fire premiered in October 2015 on the History Channel. The season has been a hit with its audience, with most episodes available on the History Channel. The second season premiere of Season 8 will air in November 2020. There are a few bonus episodes on the show that are aired every month. Most are free to watch online, though some require a paid subscription. There are several episodes on the History channel.

The history channel has an entire season of Forged in Fire. The show is available on the History channel on Wednesdays at 9pm. You can also watch episodes online or on In the US, Forged in Fire is also available on Netflix. The series will feature a new host each season. You can also find Forged in Fire on your favorite TV provider. The second season will premiere in November 2020.