List of job opportunities after BA in English Literature


Many students often confuse an English Literature programme with the English language. Although pursuing English Literature helps improve spoken and written skills, it is indeed way more about literary pieces. Studying for an English Literature programme enables students to develop in-depth knowledge in literary history, theory, and criticism. Additionally, the course introduces students to various cultures and intellectual traditions globally. Therefore, BA English Literature is the right fit for those who have a knack for writing, possess a creative bent of mind, and wish to broaden their horizons.

The BA English Literature opens doors to a wide range of career opportunities in the literature and creativity field. However, it is crucial to learn about the programme before exploring various career paths. So, let’s jump right into the programme’s introduction in the blog ahead.

An introduction to BA English Literature course

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in English Literature is a three-year undergraduate programme focusing on equipping students with the global ability to deal with historical and cultural situations. The BA English Literature programme combines creative writing and the English language. 

Students read a piece of literature translated into English from other languages besides the original work in English Literature curricula. The syllabus of this three-year undergraduate programme includes Victorian Literature, Women’s Writing, Renaissance Texts, Creative Writing, Readings in Gender and Sexuality, English Poetry, Contemporary Fiction, European Literature, African-American Literature, and History of English Literature.

Moreover, the six-semester programme gives students insight into relating works of artistic expression to the time authors existed. Students also read famous literary works of Chaucer, Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, John Milton, and other prominent authors.

Career opportunities after BA English Literature

English Literature graduates can work in a spectrum of industries. Read on to explore career paths after pursuing a BA English Literature programme.

  1. Content Writer

Content Writing is the most sought-after career option among English Literature graduates. The profession requires knowledge of different writing styles, strong research skills, organisational skills, and SEO understanding. If you have proficiency in the English language, you can work across various industries and earn a handsome salary.

  1. Blogger

With the advent of digitalisation and social media platforms, blogging has become one of the most in-demand new-age career options. Today, leading companies approach bloggers to promote their products and services through their blogs. According to, an entry-level blogger in India makes INR 2,50,000 per year.

  1. Journalist

Journalism is a viable career option if you have a natural flair for writing. You will require to communicate with a wide range of people through your piece of work. You can also go for anchoring or newscaster if you have strong communication skills.

  1. Professor

Many English Literature graduates prefer to choose this noble profession after completing their course. A vast English Literature acumen would suffice for the role of professor. However, students need to pursue a master’s degree in English to become eligible for professor roles. 

  1. Digital marketing specialist

Digital marketing is one of the fastest-growing industries in this dynamic and highly competitive environment. Digital marketing professionals are in massive demand to help companies engage with prospects via various digital platforms.

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