How to Get Straw in Skyrim


How to Get Straw in Skyrim

how to get straw skyrim

If you’re looking to make more beds, you may wonder how to get straw in Skyrim. While you can certainly use this resource for bedding, there are many other uses as well. Besides being a decoration, straw is also an excellent ingredient for potions. You can also make a training dummy and an apiary. Both of these items require a certain amount of straw to make. To find the best places to buy straw, follow these simple tips:

One of the best places to find straw in Skyrim is at a store, usually found in a General Goods shop. Straw is also common in household containers. After you’ve completed the quest “Dragon Rising”, you’ll be able to purchase straw from the Nord housecarl Lydia. You can also get straw from a trader in the Solitude or Whiterun area. Generally, you can find straw in almost any General Goods store.

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Besides building homes, you can also make trophies, archery targets, and other items with straw. Straw is a common building material and can be bought at General Goods merchants. Look for the Miscellaneous tab. You’ll find random goods in this tab. When purchasing these items, make sure you have enough straw to make a bed! After you’ve built a new home, you can use straw to craft trophy items, as well as build an apiary.