Choosing Backpack Manufacturers in the UK

If you love spending time outdoors, then a good backpack will come in handy. You will need a high-quality backpack of the right size that will fit all of your essentials. Choosing the right backpack can be quite challenging, especially if you’re making your first buy.

Backpacks come in different designs and sizes. You will also find custom-branded bag designs that are more expensive than the generic backpack types. Custom backpacks are an excellent promotional item.

In this guide, we share some handy tips when choosing backpack manufacturers in the UK. These tips will come in handy for SMEs that are looking to make custom-branded products.

In-House Designers

When you’re coming up with custom-branded backpacks or any other products, you will need to create a design first. If you have a good budget available, then you can hire freelance designers to create different backpack designs. However, if you’re on a tight budget, here is where in-house designers come in.

Most backpack manufacturers in the UK have a team of in-house designers who can help you design your first backpack. Besides that, they can also customize an existing design. The good thing about working with an in-house designer is that you will save some cash.

Years of Experience

Experience is a significant factor when looking for a backpack manufacturer. We recommend going for a manufacturer with many years of experience. Herein, you are guaranteed quality products. Besides, it is also a testament that the company has a good work ethic and experience in manufacturing promotional materials.

Total Manufacturing Cost

Nowadays, almost all businesses rely on promotional products to push their brands. Promotional products such as custom-branded bags are a cheaper marketing technique compared to running adverts online or on TV.

If you’re an SME, backpack manufacturers in the UK can help you create quality backpacks at a pocket-friendly price. We recommend doing intensive market research to find the best manufacturers within your region.

Delivery Time and Warranty

Delivery time is vital, especially if you’re targeting to release your branded products at a specific period. Before signing the contract, make sure you read through the warranty terms and deliverables.

Some companies do offer full refunds if they cannot fulfill the deliverables ahead of time. A good warranty will help protect you and your clients if you run into issues with the quality of the product.

Wrapping Up

A custom-branded backpack is a good way to promote your business or brand. However, all of this will depend on the type of bag manufacturer that you work with. Most bag manufacturers will offer free designs, which is a plus if you’re not great at design or don’t have the funds to hire a designer.

The tips shared in this guide will help you find a good backpack manufacturer. As always, we recommend doing plenty of market research to find the best deal. Also, make sure you get feedback from your customers to find areas you can improve on. You can also offer free sample designs before going into production.

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