Commercial Electric Vehicle Charger: All That You Need to Know

Commercial Electric Vehicle Charger

Do you own an electric car? If so, you must know that at its maximum basic, a commercial EV charger takes electric current from a 240v outlet or the grid and offer it to the vehicle, much like every other system or device that is charged by plugging it into the wall.

Install EV Chargers in Your Visitor Parking Spaces

Visitors to restaurants, offices, hotels, and shopping centres will expect to be able to charge various types of electric vehicles for periods ranging from a few hours to overnight. So, this article will assist you in selecting and integrating appropriate infrastructure into your buildings as part of an ecosystem that will grow as EV adoption accelerates and the energy transition continues.

Because the ecosystem is adaptable and scalable, people can support a small commercial EV charger deployment in the short term while anticipating exponential growth. So, learn about the ecosystem that enables EV charging and more. As such, these multifunctional power management solutions will provide numerous benefits to your site, like:

  • Indoor and outdoor modular charging infrastructure that will support a mix of AC and DC chargers and can be scaled up as needed.
  • Control your charger network’s total cost of ownership (TCO), from installation to maintenance and operation.
  • Attract visitors and build and maintain loyalty.

Convert Existing or New Parking Spaces Into a Sustainable EV Charging Station

  • Create modular charging infrastructure for indoor and outdoor use that is load-balanced to allow for a mix of regular and faster-charging speeds.
  • Reduce the cost of new or expanded grid connections, as well as the cost of upgrading power distribution equipment.
  • Reduce energy costs by utilising an energy storage system to maximise off-peak power potential.
  • Utilise on-site renewable energy generation.
  • Load shifting can help you save money on your energy bill and manage your power consumption.

Money Is Earned by Investing Time

If you own an entertainment or visitor attraction, you know how extended dwell time can increase profits. So, make use of a modular, tried-and-true charging infrastructure for indoor and outdoor use. As such, control your TCO with low installation costs, maintenance, and dependable charging infrastructure. Hence, provide an easy-to-use and dependable EV charging infrastructure to your customers and guests.

Maintain the Movement in Your Workplace

Employees will increasingly drive their electric vehicles and expect to have access to vehicle charging while at work as EV ownership grows. Meanwhile, EVs may soon outnumber internal combustion engine vehicles parked at workplaces during working hours.

Many workplaces also house vehicle fleets, such as company cars and delivery vehicles. So if you own or manage a fleet of vehicles, you will almost certainly want to upgrade to electric cars, either now or in the future, so you will require EV charging stations for your cars.

And these are just a few examples of what you will be able to do with the upcoming comprehensive EVCI solutions:

  • Integrate secure, flexible, and scalable EV charging infrastructure into your building with minimal disruption.
  • Manage and operate your commercial EV charger efficiently and cost-effectively.
  • Use load shifting to manage your power consumption and keep your energy costs under control.

Make EV Charging Stations Available to Your Employees

You need to provide your personnel with handy electric-powered car charging that is suitable for their automobiles and tailor-made to their needs. Meanwhile, EV infrastructure, from a small-scale deployment that can be scaled up over time to a more extensive deployment for your entire site.


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