Solid and shirt kurtas are now defining men’s fashion!


Kurtas are the popular choice for any Indian man as the go-to attire for weddings, festivals and even casual occasions. It is now taking a new form as a shirt kurta to suit the needs of the modern day man. They are versatile and are available in a variety of breathable fabrics. Solid kurtas are also a modern day usable trend that blends comfort into a common dress and looks excellent with any kind of dhoti pants or trousers. Here are a few tips to consider when looking for a new kurta:

Shirt kurtas for all occasions

The shirt kurta is gaining high popularity because of its versatility as it can be worn for formal, informal, and casual occasions. Shirt kurtas are a great example of Indo-western wear dominating men’s fashion in the country. With the festive mood coming upon us, men’s fashion in formal office spaces has taken a more traditional turn to celebrate this mood. 

Neon and mint green are unique and playful colours. Their light tints help to add a degree of maturity alongside this playful nature. Light yellow and mehendi green colours are also good for exuding a calm and happy temperament. These colours are sophisticated and can light up any boring office.. Longer shirt kurtas are the best and the most suitable for family gatherings. White kurta are a good choice for older men for a more muted tone.

Vibrant looks come from the dark colours, the teals, the blacks, and the browns. They suit a cheerful face and set a celebratory tone for the entire gathering. A family gathering at a native place can have shirt kurtas as the theme for all youngsters, with younger brothers rocking in darker shades.

Solid kurtas for men

Solid kurtas for men look gorgeous with dark trousers, dhoti pants, or pyjamas at home. Peach is a mature hue to look at and dark peach which is close to pink has a lot of qualities of both peach and pink. They look celebratory and luxurious while they use the theme of sophistication at all times. 

A similar effect comes from lilac kurtas with a pink and festive look but a playful yet mature look of light pink. What’s more, this colour is fit for all age groups and men of all kinds of complexions.  The browns reflect stability and suit any man who wants to look elegant and fashionable. 

Brands like Wendell Rodricks, Abhishek Gupta Men, etc. house some really buzz-worthy collections! Check out their ensemble of Indo-western as well as traditional styles.


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