Find Beauty in Traditions with Kaleeras and Kundan Jewelery


The most distinguishing feature of a Punjabi wedding is a kaleera, an umbrella shaped accessory dangling in the shape of petals or leaves on bangles. A symbol of good luck and prosperity, kaleera is a fun ensemble of jewellery that lends volume and vibrancy to a wedding. 

While we are speaking of Punjabi weddings, most brides have been choosing kundan jewellery seeing how lovely they look. It is the perfect accessories for dreamy royal weddings. Made of the most refined molten gold, and precious stones. Popularised by the Mughals, the creation of kundan jewellery later flourished in the royal courts of Rajasthan and Gujarat. With the changing trends, now grooms, along with brides, also wear kundan jeweleries for a synchronised regal appearance in their wedding. 


This important piece of wedding jewellery is now available in exclusive designs in gold, rose gold finish, antique silver with beads, pearls and Meenakari petals and leaves. Synchronised with the wedding attire and jeweleries, Kaleeras amplifies the entire bridal look. 

Gold Finish Pearl Kaleera

The sober colour scheme of golden and white with a great fall of petals looks gorgeous on the bride. These kaleeras often come with bangles, and two or multiple numbers of domes, with dangling petals creating a cascading effect on the accessory. 

Gold Finish Beaded and Ghungroo Kaleera 

Beaded kaleera adds more vibrancy and colours to the voluminous hand accessory. Among all the colours, red beads bring out the opulence and joy of a wedding in a bridal look. Gold ghungroo kaleeras and Beaded kaleera with tassels are also an interesting addition to Designer kaleera collections. 

Lophorina Shell Kaleera

Completely distinctive from regular ornate kaleeras, Lophorina Shell Kaleeras add a soothing and quirky touch to a wedding look. For a more contemporary and out of the box look, you can always opt for White Rhodium Finish Lopphorina Shell Kaleera.

Kundan Jewellery 

The look of kundan jeweleries is so exquisite and complete in itself that you won’t need to overburden yourself with multiple accessories. 

Kundan Necklace

Brides often add layers of necklaces to their sari or lehenga. However, if you are choosing kundan for your special day, often a kundan Choker or a multi-layered single piece kundan necklace is enough for an exceptional look. Gold finish diamond double line necklace set in sterling silver could be a perfect choice for a bride who is ready for an extravagant wedding. Gold finish polki and pearl necklace in sterling silver, gold-plated red onyx necklace, and gold-plated emerald necklace are examples of some classic kundan necklace sets. 

Kundan Earrings

Kundan stud, chandbali, chandelier, and dangler earrings come up with some exquisite designs. Gold finish pearl, polki, and emerald studs, Meenakari and semi-precious stone drop earrings, ruby and pearl jhumkas, and polki mogra motif earrings in sterling silver, the list is endless. 

Kundan Mathapatti, Rings and Bangles 

An elaborate version of maang tika, mathapatti is an ornate piece of band worn over the forehead. mathapatti is a must for a complete wedding look. Gold finish pearl, and polki kundan mathapatti in sterling silver lends a royal touch to the bridal glow. You can pair kundan rings, bangles, jali kada, bracelets or similar combinations with pearl and polki for a perfect wedding ensemble. 

In Conclusion

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