Teaching Jobs in China: How to Spot a Scam

Teaching English in China is an incredible way to gain experience in a rapidly expanding field due to the numerous teaching opportunities available. When applying for and seeking a teaching job in China, taking the necessary steps to ensure that you land a legitimate and valid job while dealing with a reputable recruiter is vital. Due to the extensive range of teaching job opportunities, there are a lot of scams, including online job offer scams, teach abroad scams and TEFL certification scams. Understanding how you will spot a scam and work towards avoiding the scam trap is essential. Below are some of the ways to spot teaching in China scams.

How to Spot Teaching in China Scam

. Unscrupulous recruiters

One of the ways to spot teaching in China scams is through unscrupulous and fraudulent recruiters, often on the look for newcomers to scam them by asking for a shady initial recruitment fee or deposit. It would be helpful to avoid ads with titles like weekend TEFL Certification or no degree required for teaching in China. It’s vital to avoid recruiters who cannot generate verifiable identification and eligible licenses that prove their authenticity. Legitimate recruiters will happily offer you the required documents and will not ask you to provide an upfront recruitment fee to get a teaching job in China.

. Recruiter is not interested in understanding your requirements

Another way to spot a scam teaching job is by working with a recruiter who does not want to know about your wishes or requirements. The recruiter spends most of the time informing you how much you will earn rather than questioning and evaluating you about your qualifications and teaching experience. A legitimate recruiter will take time to know your requirements, communicate with you through a Skype call and match you with a suitable job that you are qualified for and meet your preferences.

. Exact school location is missing from your teaching contract

Teaching schools and institutions in China typically have various branches. These branches are situated in different provinces and cities in China. A teacher looking for various kindergarten jobs in China should have the exact location and address of the school they would like to join. An unclear contract without the location details will make employers or recruiters feel justified in moving you around in circles for their benefit and interest. Some schools have been known to advertise teaching positions in the most desirable localities only to recruit applicants in the less desirable branches. You should be aware of these tricks and ensure that the school’s address and full name are included in your contract.

. Questionable reputation

Identifying whether the employer or recruiter you are dealing with is legitimate and has a solid reputation is essential. You can check your potential employer’s reputation through Google search or look for testimonials and reviews on independent websites like Trustpilot. You can find a number of reviews, blog posts and feedback from former or current employees working with the employer through a Google search. It’s best to take time to read through the reviews and feedback while being aware of the accuracy and source of information you read.

When searching for a teaching job in China, you should not pay the recruiter any money to secure the job. If you want to teach English in Shenzhen or any other city in China should seek the help of a reputable recruiter who will cater for your needs and help your find the most suitable teaching job. A legitimate recruiter will get their recruitment fee from the employer or school you are applying for. It’s vital to follow these steps to avoid being scammed and find a trustworthy recruiter to help you find the best school and enjoy an outstanding teaching experience in China.

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