Copy Trading: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide


It is important to diversify your portfolio when investing. Copy trading is one way to ensure you are doing this efficiently and following a proven trading strategy. This is especially helpful for beginners in the financial industry.

Copy trading allows you to replicate the strategies of other traders. An online trading platform allows you to allocate funds for copy trading. Once a trade is placed by the original trader, the trade is copied relative to the equities. The closing of a trade mirrors the copy strategy.
You have the option to become a copy trader if you are an experienced trader. This will require a different type of account. This will allow you to share your trading strategies with other traders and give you the chance to make more money on your investments.

Research is the key

Studies show it is important for beginners to be able to evaluate and assess the strategies that are available and to ensure that they suit your trading style. This information is often available through your preferred trading platform. It will present relevant data based upon the copied strategy such as:

  • Performance to date
  • Potential risk
  • All fees and costs

It is important to evaluate the trader being copied. Sometimes called the “strategy provider”, it should also be evaluated. It is important to evaluate their investment track record, whether they have been profitable, and if they have the leverage that you need. A ranking system is available on some trading platforms that will help you do your research and determine which strategy you should copy.

Copy trading with eToro

eToro can be your one-stop shop for all of your investment needs, regardless of your level or expertise. This includes copy trading as well as 100% stocks (with a $0 commission on US companies), global exchanges and crypto, education resources, and many more. The company also offers virtual accounts that allow you to practice investing with $100k.

Copy trading etoro is still the most popular service. It allows you to automatically copy successful traders in real-time, and the traders you copy are paid through the Popular Investor Program. There are no hidden fees or management fees. This is copy trading done right.

In order to get access to an investment specialist, you would have needed to have thousands of dollars and connections. To open an eToro Copy Trading account, all you need is US$200. This is why so many people are joining the popular investment strategy that doubles as a social networking site. You can be one of them and the odds will be forever in your favor.

Copy trading: The pros and cons

Copy trading, like all investments, comes with both risks and benefits. These risks and benefits vary depending on whether or not you are copying.

You can get the following benefits if you’re an investor who is interested in copying strategies from others:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of financial markets, and trade from more experienced traders
  • Profitable strategies that have been tested and proven work are a great way to increase your potential.
  • Trading opportunities that only an expert trader would be able to see
  • Selecting the best strategy to match your trading style.
  • Risk management tools

You can get the following benefits if you’re an experienced trader and are interested in becoming a strategy provider:

  • You can earn commissions for the strategies that you share
  • Share your knowledge with others who are less experienced than you
  • If you want to trade in a market that you have never traded before, you can copy trade.

Copy trading has its disadvantages for both novice and experienced traders. Copy trading can lead to losses for both the copy trader as well as the copier, regardless of how much was invested. The automation of copy trading also presents risk. This can lead to a reluctance or inability to research markets and assets and to making ill-informed choices.

Also, it is important to remember that our initial point diversification was essential. Copy trading should not be considered as an investment strategy.


Copy trading is one the most innovative ways to get into the trading world. You don’t need any trading experience to make money. Neither do you have to spend hours studying your trades. You don’t need to do any research as your chosen copytrader will decide which assets to purchase and when.

Overall, eToro is a great option if you are interested in copy trading. Online broker has over 13 million traders. It also holds three tier-one licenses. It is easy to find the right trader for your financial goals. You can review key metrics such as trade duration, preferred asset, shotrical ROI, and preferred asset.


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