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Knowing how to lose weight for good is a very common quest among people who have experienced the famous “accordion effect”. That is, that moment in life when the person gives all of himself in training and eating, conquers a more athletic body and then regresses to square one of the “little project”.

Generally, this happens because the methods used to lose fat are not always sustainable in the long term. People subject themselves to aggressive practices, with insane workouts and restricted food. The result comes, but it is not consolidated. Therefore, losing weight for good is not such a simple task. It takes constancy and patience. The mind has to be prepared for a new lifestyle and not for a passing project.

Those who want to lose weight for good should opt for practical and pleasurable physical activities. Something that doesn’t become a boring obligation but fun, easy to do. There are some exercises that are quite easy and can even be done at home:

Squat with jump: The practitioner must perform a common squat, with flexion of the knees and hips, so that the buttocks are pointed backwards. However, when going up, it will jump up.

Stopped race:

The practitioner should stand still and simulate the steps of a race, raising the knees as much as possible.

Kneel Lifts: To do this exercise, you need to lift your entire body weight with just one leg and then do the same with the other. Always alternating to stand in a standing position.

Jumping jacks: The practitioner must open and close the hands as high as possible, while performing the same movement with the legs, making small jumps.

In order for these exercises to be carried out more fruitfully and effectively, it is imperative that the appropriate activewear sets for women are used. Because the clothes used during exercise need to ensure comfort so that the activity is better performed.

To find the ideal clothing style for the activity you carry out, it is always good to pay attention to the details so as not to make a mistake in the choice.

Factors such as the time of day and the place where you will perform the exercise are essential for making decisions.

Outdoor activities in contact with the sun or activities at home (such as those mentioned above) in the heat, require the use of cooler and more airy clothes.

The sports bra and shorts set are indicated in these cases as they are pieces that leave more parts of the body on display, leaving it freer and getting more air.

If the temperature is lighter or colder, the right thing to increase well-being throughout the exercise is to wear leggings and long-sleeved blouses. It is always important to pay attention to their fabric, especially the blouse. So that they are made with a fabric that has elasticity. Precise movements can be made without taking risks such as the seam breaking, for example.

Therefore, the use of garments made with materials and fabrics that stretch, such as cotton, suplex, lycra, etc., is recommended. Because they are made of materials with a lot of elasticity, they allow movements to be made with the necessary comfort and safety.

Exercising is essential for good health. Whether at home, outdoors or on the street, the important thing is not to stand still. There are exercises that are easy to perform and can be done at home. Using the right clothing, the effectiveness of an exercise can be significantly increased.


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