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The Netflix show The Alienist is an excellent crime thriller show which explores the crimes and the attempted capture of a ritualistic serial killer. The show has received a great deal of common welcome for its impressive list of actors such as Dakota Fanning and an exciting plot.

The Alienist Season 2 cast

After a big success, The Alienist will be released in the next few months in the second season.

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Release Date of The Alienist Season 2

Fortunately, the delay of release dates of The Alienist year was not proved correct for all concerns and speculation caused by the pandemic lock-down of COVID-19.

It will be published by TNT on 26 July 2020. Within a couple of days, it will be available on Netflix.

Who’s going to be on The Alienist Season 2 cast list?

Below are the cast members that we see in season 2 The Alienist.

  1. Daniel Brühl will play Dr. Laszlo Kreizler
  2. Luke Evans will play John Moore
  3. Dakota Fanning will play Sara Howard
  4. Brian Geraghty will play Theodore Roosevelt
  5. Matthew Shear will play Marcus

In the second season, we might also see some new cast members.

The Alienist Season 2 show

What’s going to be The Alienist Season 2 plotline?

The plot will be based on the second book by the same author in the next season. It will, however, be another court case.

Dr. Kreizler is being approached by a private investigator to solve an abducted child’s crimes. He meets his entire John Moore team as well as Sara and the rest to help the kidnapper hunt.

Trailer Update

The trailer is out, and we can see that Sara joins hands with John and Dr. Laszlo. In solving Ana ‘s crime it turned out to be a detective.


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