Cursed: Hannah Baker Now Has A Sword! 5 Things You Should Know Before Its Premiere


As with the third season of the 13 seasons of the Netflix series, at this week’s premiere, we’re preparing a new show for one of the show’s cast members, Catherine Langford. She is known for the main character Hannah Baker, who played the lead protagonist in Langford in the first two seasons of the series, but will not return for the third round. The show follows Hannah Baker’s story as she commits suicide and lets her classmates tape her story, and it quickly became a favourite pastime among teens and adults.

Cursed cast

1 – She will star in the upcoming Netflix Crused series

In September 2019, it was announced that Catherine Langford would be cursed in the upcoming Netflix TV series. The protagonist will be Niman, a teenager who wants to be the “take off the lake” in the TV series in the art world. It is based on the novel of the same name, written by Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler, and will premiere on Netflix in 2020.

2 – She’s Australia

Langford was born in Perth, Western Australia, and grew up in a neighbourhood called Applecross. He studied at Perth Modern School, composed music and drama, and was also an internationally qualified swimmer. He also has a younger sister, Josephine Langford, who is also an actor.

Cursed show

3 – She’s a huge Lady Gaga fan

Langford is a fan of singer Lady Gaga, who stated that she was inspired by her Born This Way tour that she began playing the piano and writing. When Langford’s interview was shared on Twitter, Gaga responded to a clip written with a heart-shaped “Katherine” emoji. The star later replied that he was “shaken” on Snapchat.

4 – Hannah Baker was her first play in “Reasons Why 13”

Langford is known as Hannah Baker, but performing on the show would never make her do what was actually her first job. He starred in the show for two seasons and later went on to do big things, including the upcoming film “Knife Out”.

5 – She was nominated for a Golden Globe Award in 2017

The actress did such a great job of playing alongside Hannah Baker for 13 reasons, she also received a Golden Globe nomination for her performance as Best Actress in a TV series. The nomination was distributed over the Internet, and many believed the show to be. Mental illness is “stigma” and should not be diverted further.


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