Kevin Smith Developing Animated Series Of Green Hornet


The radio dramas of the 1930s, the masked vigilante and his phenomenal partner Cato originated from movie series, a blockbuster television show that brought Bruce Lee to American success, and most recently, a big-budget movie in 2011, Seth Rogen, Jay Chau, acted. Cameron Diaz and Christophe Waltz. By the deadline, Smith is developing an animated series for The Green Hornet.

Its version will take place today, and for Green Hornet and Cato, who fight crime, who are the original sons and daughters of Green Hornet and Cato, respectively. Since the plan is to revive Kato, he sometimes engages in a crime fight of his own ambition, being troublesomely fertile advocates. About this association, Smith said:

Kevin Smith lconic

I don’t get the feeling that I think Tusk is the last good action movie that Smith has made, the following movies amaze me because of the lack of focus on the original art of cinematography. But Smith will always have a special place in my heart, and his enthusiasm for superhero qualities is outrageous and welcoming (Smith was hired to tackle the first Green Hornet adaptation on the big screen, his script eventually turned into a converted Book comic. serially). I’m a big fan of your ephemeral employees: animated series and your idea of ​​a return to the fantasy world thrills me. Also: I love this new Kato concept. Colour me optimistic careful!

To learn more about Kevin Smith’s world, here’s the trailer for his latest horror movie, which … um … Anyway, the Green Horn sounds like fun!


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