Saturday Night Live: NBC Will Restart Filming Soon But Without Live Audience


Saturday Night Live stopped production in the spring as a result of a coronavirus pandemic. Shortly after, the comedy draft program followed episodes from home.

The final session of SNL’s 45th season was aired on March 7 before planning with presenter Daniel Craig and guest musician The Weeknd. They were brought in at the end of March but were prolonged by the pandemic. The series ended creatively with its tape segment from home with famous guests such as Brad Pitt, Tom Hanks, Paul Rudd and Kristen Wiig. Members of the cast also gathered to make sketches from home. Kate McKinnon made a sketch of Ruth Beder Zinsberg’s training in her forties, and Chloe Finerman made impressions of Timothee Chelmer and Phoebe Waller-Bridge with her masterclass votes.


However, if the show returns to its home, it’s very unlikely that it will even include a studio audience. The early strategy called for the show to be created in a “controlled” environment, meaning that social unrest would still be practised. Season 46 is in an election year, and the main reason may be that he plans to return to the NBC Rockefeller Center show. In 2016, SNL received high ratings and applause from Kate McKinnon’s Hillary Clinton, Alec Baldwin’s President Donald Trump and Melissa McCarthy’s Sean Spicer.

NBC is already in the process of normalizing its show. He began recording in the Tonight Show studio last week, keeping a distance from a live audience with host Jimmy Fallon and the band’s home band The Roots, and calling guests on video chats. Although New York’s coronavirus cases have dropped much less in the past month, society’s cleanup guidelines follow the city’s hundreds of new cases a day. If the draft series returns to the studio, it is likely that he would have handled the production differently than in the past.

The show usually won’t invite its next hosts and musicians until the end of the summer, so it’s likely that plans for the new season won’t be announced for at least a few weeks. In the “at home” version it was easy to have no live studio audience, as the uniqueness of the production was the main focus. However, fans are expected to be provided with more memorable material if they return to SNL Fall’s studio.


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