The Right Stuff: First Look Revealed For The Upcoming Nat Geo’s Series


The original Disney + The Right Stuff script series is ready for release. early American space program writer gave a terrific look at the new show, which will premiere this fall on Disney +. The eight-episode scripted series aims to have a clear vision of “America as the first reality show for aspiring astronauts and their families to become instant celebrities in a competition that can kill or immortalize them” to maintain.

The Right Stuff

During the presentation, viewers were treated to two clips, including a look at the films The Stuff, and a special Comic-Con clip that marked the beginning of Mercury Seven, known as The Astronauts. Those who escaped Project Mercury. Set in the Cold War era, The Right Stuff will reach and see these ordinary people at extraordinary heights, which in turn sets America on its new horizons.

The Right Stuff cast

Disney + by The Right Stuff National Photography, with screenwriter / EP Mark Lafferty, and EP Jennifer Davison by Scripted Television. Patrick J. as Major John Glenn in The Right Stuff. Aaron Staton as Wally Shira; Micah Stock as Deke Slayton; James Lafferty as Scott Carpenter; Nora Zethner as Annie Glenn; Shannon Lucio as Louise Shepard; Eloise Mumford as Trude Cooper; Eric Ladin as Chris Craft; And Patrick Fisher as Bob Gilreath. Chris Long (The American) directed and executed the first episode.

This is a great honour, but this clip teases that Alan’s journey is not an easy one; Alan receives a delayed notice to attend a briefing at the headquarters of NASA’s Space Task Force, and many of the clips focus on his frantic race to get to the meeting, while other participants appreciate the importance of the race. space in the United States. But Randon is given.


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