Surprising Uses for a Key Finder

Key Finder

According to a survey, the average person loses up to nine items per day. Some of the most commonly lost ones include smartphones, documents, sunglasses, and house and car keys. The same survey says that up to ten minutes a day are wasted on looking for lost items.

This is when the importance of using a key finder comes in. The small device uses modern-day technologies to make it easier to locate something misplaced. Refrain from assuming that it is good for finding keys only. Despite what it’s called, the product can also be used for pinpointing the exact location of many other things. Especially in this busy day and age, having one can help save a lot of precious time.

Here are some surprising uses for an electronic key locator:

Finding a Wallet

Whether you prefer cards over cash or vice versa, it’s a must that you keep your wallet in your pocket or bag at all times. Otherwise, you may have a completely difficult time getting your hands on all sorts of everyday essentials, from a cup of coffee to gas for your car.

Unfortunately, because of its size and the fact that you tend to use it regularly, it can be easy for your wallet to end up misplaced. It’s a good thing that you don’t have to suffer from a mini heart attack each time you cannot seem to remember where you placed your wallet. Thanks to an electronic key locator and its companion app, you can easily find your wallet using your smartphone.

Locating Your Purse or Bag

Aside from a wallet, there are various other everyday things that you may lose, many of which can keep you from having a smooth-sailing day without them within your easy reach. This is why having with you all the time a purse or bag that contains them is a definite must.

Sadly, especially if you are leading a hectic everyday life, misplacing your purse or bag can be quite common. It can happen anywhere, too, such as at home or in the office. You can easily avoid the hassle that comes with misplacing your purse or bag simply by stashing an electronic key locator in it. By launching the companion app installed on your smartphone, you can locate where it is without ending up with a nasty headache.

Tracking Down a Pet

Our furry friends are naturally curious, which makes them prone to wandering away and getting lost. It’s because of this why GPS dog and cat trackers are popular among pet lovers who do not want to go through the pain of losing their pawed pals. However, a peek at the available options will tell you that most GPS trackers for pets are ugly and bulky. What’s more, the majority of them come with steep price tags.

Key finders are just a fraction of the cost of GPS dog and cat trackers, which makes them pocket-friendly alternatives. Despite being cheaper (and also usually smaller and more stylish), they work just as well in telling you where your pet is.


Despite what it’s called, a key finder can help you locate many other things other than house or car keys. To make sure that anything that can be misplaced or get lost can be found without much trouble, opt for a high-quality electronic key locator with nifty features.


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