E-sport investments after Covid-19 Pandemic – 2021 guide


The cybersport industry is growing rapidly. The global audience of e-sport fans has already reached an impressive size and continues to attract new ones. The growth of e-sport fans diverges depending on the market, but on average it is about 20% per year. Analysts predict market growth to $ 1.5 billion by 2021. This is a huge growth and there seems no stopping to it. Only a few industries like e-sport can claim such indicators, and this attracts many sponsors.

The Trade Nation platform will replace MetaTrader 4, but it still lacks the ability to add custom indicators and EAs. That doesn’t mean that it is lacking value.

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Before taking the first step, you should examine the positive and negative aspects of the decision.

Top reasons to invest in e-sport in 2021

  1. Audience purchasing power

Over the past 5 years, the modern audience of e-sport tournaments has grown significantly.

2. Target audience coverage

E-sport advertising is considered one of the most promising types of advertising. The advertiser knows exactly who is watching e-sport tournaments and creates excellently targeted advertising, which quickly pays off the investment.

  1. Integration of e-sport into other industries

Gradually, computer sports begins to cover other markets. A prime example is the addition of e-sport to experimental programs in schools and universities.

For example, DreamHack, the world’s largest e-sport festival, has collaborated with Fortum, an energy company that generates most of its power from water, windmills, and solar panels, without releasing carbon dioxide. This is one of the most endemic collaborations, as without electricity there would be no game.

Discipline selection in 2021

There are many e-sport disciplines with a competitive ecosystem and the most assuring of them are:

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The famous shooter for 5 players in one team. Players’ salaries: 1,000-25,000 USD per month. Prize funds for this discipline reach 4-5 million USD.
  • Discipline takes 1st place in terms of the number of funds played. In recent years, teams have already received over 220 million USD. Clubs for 12-15 places in the tournament can receive about 500,000 USD.
  • League of Legends. One of the most popular games across the globe for the last 2 years. The developers have full control over all aspects related to e-sport: tournaments, payments to players, compensation for travel costs, etc. Regional competitions are characterized by a franchise system. The winners of them go to the World Championship.


To pick the best choice, you need to study the market conditions in detail.

There is an opportunity to invest in e-sport with comparatively small amounts. Though the industry is growing at a brisk pace, it is still small compared to other areas of entertainment. Fundamentally, investment is about advertising. In cybersport, it is easy to find a medium for advertising your product. Some primitive ways are videos/banners on broadcasts, product placement, sponsorship of teams, and organizers. The investment capital depends on the level of the site. However, the amount will be less than in classic sports, show-business, or on television. At the same time, the coverage of the relevant audience will be at a higher level.


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