Public Health Careers for an Mph Degree Holder

Public Health Careers

With the increasing population, the world’s healthcare needs are also increasing. In such a situation, the public health sector plays an essential role in maintaining countless individuals’ well-being. Anyone passionate about making a difference in people’s lives but isn’t interested in medical practice will find great jobs in public health, especially with an MPH degree. A master’s in public health can indeed put you on the right track to advancing in the public health occupation. However, you should know that not all careers are worth pursuing. Especially in the modern age, the public health sector has given rise to numerous careers that make it increasingly challenging to choose a career. So, to help out of this confusing situation of career selection, here are some of the best careers that can benefit from an MPH degree.


Epidemiology deals with the study and monitoring of the spread of infectious diseases. However, epidemiologists’ work is deeper than that, as they deal with a wider variety of health issues. In any public health event, epidemiologists are on the spot to investigate the impacts of the event on the public. Due to their work, they are also often known as “disease detectives.” Unlike many other healthcare jobs, their work requires them to be physically available on the site of public health events, such as natural disasters and epidemics. For example, they may have to collect pollution samples from air and water in natural disasters to carry out a useful study. The result of their studies is immensely beneficial for other healthcare workers such as physicians and policymakers. Due to their significant contributions to public health, they have an annual median salary of $70,990; however, they can earn six figures over time.

However, suppose you want to pursue a career in epidemiology or another field mentioned on this list. In that case, it’s essential first to earn an MPH degree from a high-quality institute. Only then will you be able to impress employers to work for highly paid jobs. More importantly, an online MPH degree can enable you to easily learn your course, which can otherwise be quite challenging. So, earn a masters in public health online to gain an excellent skill set and public health knowledge.

1. Biomedical Researcher

As the name suggests, the work of biomedical researchers revolves around research. They carry out studies on diseases that cause any illness or even death in people. Their research and examination goal is to devise cures, treatments, and therapies for better well-being. They test new medicines and treatments using clinical trials to see their effectiveness. The routine work of a biomedical researcher can include carrying out tests and drawing out conclusions. However, they may also have to order lab equipment if they run out of it. They are usually required to use high-tech lab equipment, hence why they need excellent technical skills. Furthermore, these researchers often have to work in coordination while also mentoring and supervising others. When it comes to salaries, biomedical researchers earn a decent amount, with the average median salary being $88,790.

2. Biostatistician

Biostatistics is a part of statistics that deals with medical and health-related issues. Biostatisticians focuses on discovering the causes of illness and death by using the principles of mathematics and science. Any healthcare related statistic you come across has several biostatisticians behind it. For this purpose, they have to collect and utilize vast amounts of data using specialized software. The data is combined to produce graphs and similar data representations alongside other methods, to draw conclusions. Research papers widely cite their work. It is of great help for other healthcare workers seeking out causes for various diseases. Their annual median salary is $92,030, while the job outlook till 2029 is 33%, which is much faster than average. It means that you won’t have a hard time finding a job in biostatistics.

3. Healthcare Consultant

Healthcare facilities hire healthcare consultants to assess management in the workplace. They inspect the facility and check all activities to find out problems that affect efficiency. For this purpose, they need to have an analytical and vigilant mind to identify any errors in a healthcare facility quickly. After they’ve evaluated an area, they come up with solutions to the identified problems. Clients of healthcare consultants will frequently meet up with them to discuss issues and their devised solutions. Moreover, healthcare consultants also create reports and documents that help other staff members function efficiently and productively.

They find the job in private healthcare facilities; however, they can find job opportunities even in the public sector. Their annual median salary is of a decent amount equal to $76,900; however, healthcare consultants can earn up to six figures over time.

4. Health and Safety Engineer

When it comes to health and safety engineers, they help in designing and manufacturing processes of various devices and machinery that improve people’s well-being. They are usually seen in construction companies, governments, and technology companies to check for any machinery’s hazardous faults. So, they need to inspect and analyze equipment in-person to evaluate it effectively. After evaluation, health and safety engineers devise improvements in the machinery. Moreover, these engineers also ensure that workers in a company have proper equipment that takes care of their safety. They have an average annual salary of $76,000.

5. Public Health Educator

The name suggests that public health educators provide education in certain areas to the public to increase their awareness about health and safety. However, their role is slightly different from this as they do not provide direct education. Their job requires them to work at an administrative level. They help governments and organizations by providing them with education programs. These programs are created by collecting information and analyzing data on the specific public, which will learn through these programs. They often need to work in teams to develop effective education programs. Their average annual salary is $75,050, and the job outlook is more than 8%, which is faster than average.


After earning an MPH degree, everyone would want to pursue a career that’s promising enough to pay back the years of hard work spent on education. So, make sure to avoid unsuccessful career paths and choose careers such as those mentioned above. You will be able to ensure a bright future for yourself while also helping numerous individuals.


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